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ピーター・カークランド is one of the characters for Hetalia: Axis Powers, representing both United Kingdom and England.

Please refer to Peter Kirkland.

Appeared Works

Hetalia (Axis Powers Hetalia)

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A personified character of Sealand; which is a non-recognized country that used to be an ocean fortress of The Great Britain.

Voice actor(Character voice)

Japanese ver.>> Ai Orikasa
English ver.>> Maxey Whitehead


September 2nd

Related tags

Japanese ver.>> ピーター・カークランド

Related Characters>>
England Sweden Hanatamago Iceland

Terms for Grouping This Character>>
Brothers Kirkland(with England)
花たま家族(with Sweden and Finland)
花たま大家族(with 花たま家族members and Ladonia)
花たま父子(with Sweden)
花たま母子(with Finland)
ミクロネーションズ(with Wy, Seborga, Ladonia, etc...)

Appeared Work>>
Hetalia ヘタリア

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