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ベールヴァルド・オキセンスシェルナ is the tag for the character representing Sweden in Axis Powers Hetalia.

His name is commonly alphabetized as Berwald Oxenstierna. He was most likely named after Axel Oxenstierna(Wikipedia), a renowned Swedish statesman.


Country name Sweden
Human nameベールヴァルド・オキセンスシェルナ
First person pronoun俺(ore)
Dialect Fukushima-ben
Birthday 6th June
Capital Stockholm
National flower Unspecified
Height Unknown
Age 21
Voiced by Keikou Sakai (Japanese)

He has light blond hair and blue eyes and wears somewhat angular glasses. He is very tall; he is even taller than Russia.
He parts his fringe on the left.
The author draws his eyes with small irises to indicate that he is Germanic.
The author notes that Sweden's face is the same shape as that of Germany from the same work, except that it "would feel harder than Germany's if you punch".

His country is one of those located in the Scandinavian peninsula.
He used to be a viking with the nickname "Lion of the Nordics".
He has few facial expressions and doesn't talk much, so it is hard to know what he is thinking about and he is intimidating in a way he doesn't realise.
He has a sense of humour and is quite kind inside, but because he doesn't show it everyone is scared of him.
He is quite shy and gets embarrassed easily. He also gives up abnormally easily sometimes.
As noted above, there was a time when he was called the conquerer of north Europe, but now he has settled down quite a bit and focuses on welfare.
His hobbies are DIY and interior designing. He also likes debates and can sew.
It is said that he would be inconvenienced if he lost his glasses and would be glaring all the time.
He used to be under Denmark's control, but he ran away with Finland, whom he calls his "wife". Because of that, fans often portray him to be "gay for Finland", but it is unknown how accurate this is.
He has bought Sealand when he was auctioned; since then, they appear to have a father-son kind of relationship.

Although he lacks facial expressions most of the time, the 14th episode of the anime shows him smiling. He did not appear in the same episode from the manga; his part was filled by America.





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