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10 Points Are Not Enough

10 Points Are Not Enough is a tag that is attached to a work that is felt to be so great that 10 Points is not high enough a ranking for it.


Usually, the tag is attached to works that are overwhelmingly beautiful/powerful/etc. or cause extreme feelings of moe for a certain character.

As with Beautiful, Should Be Ranked More and etc., this is dependent on the views of the user adding the tag.

It means praise for the person who created the work, but the evaluation criteria are not clearly defined.
It is not a tag that the receiver is obliged to keep attached until the other tags are removed.

Similar tags like 100 Points Are Not Even Enough exist, but as a rule, Pixiv's point ranking system has 10 levels of ranking.

It can also be understood as "10 levels of ranking are not enough to express one's opinion". This may be in terms of a positive or negative view of the work.

There may also be bias towards the person who submitted the illustration.

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