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Alice Margatroid

She is a character from the Touhou Project. Her first appearance was in 『Mystic Square』 (Cover, Stage 3 Boss, Extra Boss). Another appearance was in 『Perfect Cherry Blossom』 (Stage 3 Boss).

Her first appearance was in Mystic Square.

At first, she was named only as「Alice」. Then the family name was set out as 「Margatroid」after Perfect Cherry Blossom. So the full name has now become「Alice Margatroid」ever since.

Although it is always posted with the tag「Alice in illustrations form pixiv, this name is also widely used in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, or to refer to other characters. Therefore it is recommended to log in with the full name as much as possible.


NicknamesGirl of Death(Kai Stage 3)・Alice in Magicalland(Kai Ex)・Seven-Colored Puppeteer(You)
Seven-Colored Puppeteer(Ei、Sui>Immaterial and Missing Power]]、[[Gu>Perfect Memento in Strict Sense]]、[[Hi>Scarlet Weather Rhapsody]]、[[Hi>Touhou Hisoutensoku]])・Superficially Busy Youkai([[Bun>Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
Puppeteer of the Hail(Hi)
Abilities Mainly the ability to use magic・the ability to manipulate dolls
Level of DangerLow
Level of FriendlinessHigh
Place for main activitiesAny places
AppearanceKaikidan Cover, Stage 3 Boss, Extra Boss・Youyoumu Stage 3 Boss・Suimusou Playable Character・Eiyashou Playable Character
Bunkachou LEVEL 3・Hisouten Playable Character・Chireiden Playable Partner Marisa・Hisoutensoku Playable character、Final Boss
Music ThemePlastic Mind(Kai Cover 3)・the Grimoire of Alice( Kai Ex、Hi)
The Doll Maker of Bucuresti(You、Sui、Hi)・Doll Judgement~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes(You、Sui)

※These evaluations on level of Danger・Friendliness are only opinions of another character named Hieda no Akyuu, though.

Alice Margatroidis a Witch who lives in The Forest of Magic.

(We cannot reveal much about her residence for some reasons )

She is a Puppet Maker as well as a witch.

She is good at making Puppet and able to use magic to manipulate a large number of these dolls at the same time. She is also the most skillful one, even in the Gensokyo.

Alice can make these puppets behave almost like a human. Besides, she is able to let each of several puppets move separately, and sometimes, make them move in cooperation but entirely out of sync, so that people around her will not recognize that these puppets are actually under manipulation. In Chapter 5,「Sangetsusei Part 2」, more than ten puppets shoveled snow on the roof or cooked indoors, while Alice just stayed indoors and gave them verbal instructions.

She is even able to make a puppet manipulate a puppet, but the puppet-making is all on her own.

Her goal is to make a completely independent puppet which would behave with and on its own will.

Although these puppets can currently behave independently as long as Alice gives instructions, she still has to optimize these instructions regularly. She has not yet been trained enough to accomplish more than that.

However, in「Hisoutensoku, there were also lines indicating that Alice holds doubt about the fully independent puppets, by saying that even if puppets became fully independent, they would only be difficult to operate. Additionally, following the hot topic of Hisoutensoku, she has been recently studying how to make a giant puppet.

According to「Gumon Shiki, Alice is pretty friendly and understanding to human, and also harmless. If you get lost in the woods and visit her for help, You would be kindly welcomed and entertained by her even if you are just a visitor who got lost in the woods. Actually, in Chapter 5-6,「Strange and Bright Nature Deity」, Alice was quite hospitable when the Three Fairies of Light dropped by accidentally. However, they felt creepy and wanted to run away immediately, because Alice was too silent and the house was full of puppets.

Also, a work named The Enigmatic Tale of the Dolls by Alice・Margatroid is published in「Gumon Shiki」, as a reference for「Gensokyo Chronicle」by Hieda no Akyuu.

In combat, it is a tactic to manipulate several combat-puppets.

Alice will be totally occupied with the operation of puppet-manipulation, which would be her weakness, though. But in Hisoutensoku and Hisouten, she was flying, jumping and fighting while she was manipulating puppets.

According to 「Character setting .txt」attached to「Eiyashou」, Alice is an indoor person and always all by herself. But the range of her activities is said to be「any places」in Gensokyo]] in the light of「Gumon Shiki」. Besides, in [[Festival]], she would also show up and perform a puppet show in front of people.
Moreover, according to the Ending of「Suimusou」and victory comments in the battle mode, she has visited the Hakurei Shrine and library of Scarlet Devil Mansion. Furthermore, in light of「Bunkachou」(book), she has also been to Eientei(House of Eternity) to buy Butterfly Dream Pill.

Alice was originally a human and has become a witch by training herself constantly, according to「Gumon Shiki」.

As she has not been a witch for long, Alice still keeps some habits of human being which are not necessary for a witch, such as eating and sleeping. She did get some sleep in Bad Ending of Route, Forbidden Magic Team,「Eiyashou」.

If a human turn herself into a witch, first of all, she will need to use the magic that eliminates the need for foods, to become a witch, and then use the magic that stops the ageing, to become a witch in full sense. Whether Alice had used these magics or not, is still unclear.

Alice was once called「the devil」by Suika in 「Suimusou」.
Also, Alice seems to have a body that sensitive neither to heat in summer nor cold in winter, so she always responds to Reimu’s complains about the heat in summer, saying that 「Different from the human being, I will not recognize it if you do not tell me. 」

By the way, one of the reasons why she comes to Shrine, is that Alice can know the change of four seasons by observing Reimu’s reaction.

Some people hold the view that Alice might be a kind of alien from a different world, in the light of the previous work.It is not that rare because it is Gensokyo, where humans settle down from time to time.



Alice excels at the magic characterized with Seven-colored

But basically, she fights with puppet-manipulation and thus barely use magic.

Furthermore, according to Grimari, Alice could make use of many powerful magics when she is not limited by puppets.

And she seems to have several special abilities, such as making people hallucinate.


アリス立ち絵描き直し 表情差分

Alice has blonde hair and looks like a doll at first glance.

Depending on the works, her eyes might be in different colors, such as blue(「Youyoumu」) or brown・golden (「Eiyashou」).

She is in Sleeveless,the one like a blue One-piece, with Long skirt, and wears something like cape on her shoulder, with a redribbon, like a hairband wrapped around her head.

Tricolor(blue、red、yellow)are all image colors, but with an emphasis on blue in a glance.

She often carries a Grimoire in her hand, which is locked with ribbon or something like that.

Alice can fall into the tall group, is about the same as Reimu, but higher than Marisa.

In 「Suimusou」・「Hisouten」・「Hisoutensoku」she wears boots. (By the way, she also wears socks in「Youyoumu」, though there were few words about it )

Characters with specific descriptions on appearance are rare.


Alice shows barely interest in others, or concern about something, which makes her a very frank person. Although she prefers to be alone, it does not mean that she is shy. She shows up in banquets frequently, and often perform puppet show in Festival of the village. Moreover, there are also lots of sweet depictions showing that Alice took stray in, walked them out of the woods, protected them until their body warmed up. Besides, she calls herself a city person.

Alice turns to be pretty competitive even though she looks mature. She would happily take it when challenged, but not happy when she won in a battle overwhelmingly. Also, Alice barely fights seriously because she would be backed into a corner when she tried her best yet lost. (「The Phantom of The Grand-Guignol Theatre」from [[Last Word]]]] and the Talk with Marisa from [[Grimoire of Marisa are exceptions). From this perspective, Alice is said to be similar to Reimu.

For that reason, Suika pointed out in Suimusou, that Alice would try to avoid powerful youkai, but on the other hand, actively confront with human

However, this is just personal opinions from Suika, it remains unclear, out of what kind of phycological states Alice behaved like that.

It might because that, Alice considered it to be a waste of time and effort, since the purpose has been achieved at the time of meeting with the followers (SakuyaPatchouliYoumu),before she meets with Remilia and Yuyuko. This view is taken as a general one.

Additionally, Alice had fought with and been in close contact with another compelling character, Yukari. She had also made a doll for Remilia outside the incident.

Alice and Reimu are honest?

In 「Usokae Ritual」, 「Sangetsusei」, where birds come together pecking to take all lies that have been told, while Youkai and Marisa was pecked by a group of birds, Alice, as well as Reimu,instead of being pecked, fed them with cookies on hands, saying「 Huh, look, isn’t it delicious?

Alice and Reimu are therefore considered as honest people.

Spell cards

Perfect Cherry Blossom
Puppeteer Sign「Marionette Parrar」(only for Youyoumu the Trial Plus)
Puppeteer Sign「Manipulate Puppet」(only for Youyoumu the Web Trial)
Puppeteer Sign「Maiden’s Bunraku」
Blue Sign「Fraternal French Dolls」
Blue Sign「Fraternal Orléans Dolls」
Scarlet Sign「Red-Haired Dutch Dolls」
White Sign「Chalk-White Russian Dolls」
Darkness Sign「Foggy London Dolls」
Darkness Sign「Samsaric Tibetan Dolls」
Elegant Sign「Spring Kyoto Dolls」
Curse Sign「Shanghai Doll」
Curse Sign「Hanged Hourai Dolls」

Immaterial and Missing Power
Magic Sign「Artful Sacrifice」
Manipulation「Return Inanimateness」
War Sign「Little Legion」
War Command「Dolls' War」
Curse Sign「Shanghai Doll」
Malediction「Hourai Dol」
First Card「Artful Chanter」
Second Card「Doll Crusader」
Evil Light「Devilry Light Ray」

Imperishable Night
Magic Sign「Artful Sacrifice」
Manipulation「Return Inanimateness」
「The Phantom of the Grand Guignol」

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
Puppeteer「Dolls in Sea」
Curse Sign「Straw Doll Kamikaze」
Red Sign「Doll Mira Ceti」

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Spy Sign「Seeker Dolls」
Focus Power「Trip Wire」
Scarlet Sign「Holland Doll」
Foot Soldiers「Suicide Squad」
Sword Sign「Soldier of Cross」
Dolls「Soulless Folk Dance」

Scarlet Weather Rhapsodysoku
Lance Sign「Cutie Phalanx」
Dolls「Lemmings' Parade」
Knight「Doll of Round Table」
Sacrifice「Suicide Pact」
Testing「Level Titania」
Testing「Goliath Doll」

PC-98 Version

Alice that appeared after「Youyoumu」, and Alice that appeared in PC-98 Version「Kaikidan, is the same person. (Genso BBSOfficial Homepage of Immaterial and Missing Power as references)

However, the setting of the former work has been wiped put since the Koumakyou, as many say that it is an entirely different person.

It is unclear, how far the Alice character that appeared after「Youyoumu」reflects the former setting.



In「Kaikidan」Stage 3 Boss, Extra Boss, the last name, Margatroid, has not yet been used.

A short bob with blond hair and golden eyes, a white dress with a light blue slip skirt, a ribbon at the waist, and a blue headband with ribbon on the head – this kind of appearance looks similar to that of Alice in「Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland」, a fairly tail by Lewis Carroll.

In Cover 3, Alice leads two characters to fight, and in Extra, she makes use of a Grimoire, named「Grimoire of Alice」, to fight by the power of the 5-colored Ultimate Magic.


In Extra Ending, Alice has been bullied by Reimu Hakurei in Shrine. The Grimoire was also taken by Marisa Kirisame while she was tied and hung. Also, Alice was made to be a Maid by Mima and will continue to be a stoker because of Yuuka, until she is allowed to learn the ultimate magic.

Nicknamed Loris by her fans, Alice gets even closer with them.

Character models

Characters, which are considered as the original model for Alice:

・Alice in work by Lewis Carol: She is the inspiration of all Alice in the world and also had influences on the character image of Alice Margatroid.

Devil Alice in Shin Megami Tensei series: She had a significant impact on Alice’s image in Mystic Square - her relationship with the devil for example. Also, this is where the nickname「Girl of Death」actually came from.

・Alice in fighting game「Asura Blade」: From here derived the combat style of Alice Margatroid: fighting with a book

・Alice Clone in ESP RA.DE: Although some believe that this Alice does have an effect, for instance in an aspect of the relationship with Ms GARRA, but Zun has made it clear, that it is not the original model.

・Alice in manga「Rupupu」by Izumi Takemoto: This one was supposed to be the original character for Alice in Mystic Square, but then had been ruled out because this one was designed neither for STG nor with a dark worldview.

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Romantic ChildrenPlastic MindAlice’s Adventures in Wonderlandthe Grimoire of AliceThe Doll Maker of Bucuresti Doll judgement
1st voteNo.39No.59No.19No.18No.23No.6
2nd voteNo.53No.56No.41No.31No.27No.10
3rd voteNo.81No.69No.66No.49No.37No.21
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