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Annie Leonhart

A character that appears in “Attack on Titan”.


^ Height 153cm
^ Weight 54kg
^ Age 16 (joined 104th Training Corps at 13 years old)
^ Birthplace Unknown
^ Birthday March 22
^ CV Yu Shimamura
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 6, Second Poll: No. 15

Annie is a young girl of considerably short height, calm and cold.
Annie is acting as a lone wolf, with a sharp eye and sensitive feeling, and she has oval-shaped face and a roman nose. She is usually silent and use unsociability tone.
Eren said, “She always wears a scary look, but it cannot compare with the face when she is angry.”
Annie graduated from the 104th Training Corps in 4th place.
Although Annie hopes to join the Military Police Regiment, she is different from others whose purpose is to gain privilege, she just wants to move away from the reality and the meaningless world. While most of the best members chose to join the Survey Corps, she joined the Military Police Regiment as she originally declared.

Annie carries through the rationalism and deeply slashes the weaknesses of the Titans with an economical movement even when using the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment.
Annie is a 16-year-old Caucasian girl of considerably short height, but has got the superior fighting ability with her father's training.
Annie is especially good at kicking skills, but she herself thought that it is a useless skill that could not be used to fight against the Titans, and she showed the contempt to her father who is eagerly teaching the skill in the public.
Resulted in this, she is a little bit isolated due to her problematic personality, but she is touched by the upright character of Eren Yeager and teach Eren the kicking skill. Eren said that she was most lively when she was showing martial arts.
She boasted about herself as “a weak girl”, but Eren who is insensitive denied that she is weak because she is strong, the other teammates were a little dissatisfied with her behavior.

In the original manga and official illustrations, etc., it was noted that Annie was usually staying together with Reiner and Bertolt though they do not have any other particular contact except that they are just the classmates...

Heartbreaking Truth


Like Eren, her true identity is a Female Titan who has an ability to transform into a Titan.
During the 57th expedition of the Survey Corps, Annie assaulted the Survey Corps to capture Eren, killing the members of Levi Squad and causing devastating damage. But Annie did not kill Armin but let him go, and then her identity has been disclosed. She has been chased and caught by Eren who transformed to the Titan and the Survey Corps, and she used her last power to lock herself in the crystal and got asleep. The last moment she fell asleep, she thought of her father's farewell words “Be sure to come home”.

After she was asleep, Hange investigated and confirmed the unknown birthplace by her family register, and found that her birthplace is the same as Reiner and Bertolt who are 104th Trainees. Due to the fact that they were hiding the information that they were from the same place, and the suspicious behavior of Reiner in the 57th Expedition, it is suspicious that Reiner and Bertholt were the Titans and they were Annie's conspirators. Actually, that is the truth, Reiner (Armored Titan), Bertholt (Colossal Titan) and Annie are all the team members of "Warriors” who are fighting against the human beings.
In the days when they were trainees, Reiner and Bertolt did not show close gestures, but they seemed to truly care about Annie as a companion. When Armin tortured Annie, Bertolt got furious. There were some descriptions that Annie is fond of Bertholt.

Annie seemed to have the special feeling to her friends, when many companions and soldiers died in the Struggle for Trost caused by them, she muttered "I'm sorry" in front of the bodies with guilty. Hitch also talked about Annie as “She is afraid to engage with others'', and the reason why Annie took an attitude to lead to isolation was because that she was afraid to be keen to the people who would be killed by her someday, thus Annie built a barrier to others.
Actually, Annie cared about her 104th companions a lot, and in the Struggle for Trost, she helped her companions by exposing herself in danger. Reiner has criticized Annie that she should not have done that since she is a “Warrior,” and she also said that “I failed to be a warrior.”

During the operation to retake Wall Maria, Reiner claimed to rescue Annie, and came in conflict with Zeke who claimed that they should capture "coordinate” first as originally planned and then rescue Annie, so they fought and Zeke won the fight, thus Reiner abandoned the rescue of Annie. Even many years passed after the operation to retake Wall Maria, Annie did not return to Hometown, and she seemed to be still asleep.

In Annie's Gaiden of the DVD special version, it showed that Annie asked for sick leave in order to capture Eren, in her return, she saw that her colleague Hitch was in a troublesome incident and she fought for that. She said that she could return to her hometown if she captured Eren successfully, and she eagerly hoped that Rainer and Bertolt can return to hometown as well.

Below are spoilers


In Chapter 124: "Melting Away", Eren started the “Melting Away” skill and unleashed the Wall Titans by dissolving the hardening, but surprisingly Annie who has been hardened and felt asleep was awake, and had the hope to return home.

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