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Annie Leonhardt

A character from Attack on Titan.


Age16 years old (She was 13 when she joined the 104th Trainees Squad)
Voiced byYu Shimamura

Annie often shows a very calm composure, almost to the point where she comes off as cold. She doesn’t show too many facial expressions. When she graduated from the 104th Trainees Squad, she held the 4th rank.

She wanted to join the Military Police, not to prevent someone else getting in, but because she wanted to get away from the meaningless world and go to a far off place where she didn’t need to think.

Very rational yet apathetic, she excels at most things without needing to try. She’s able to use the 3D maneuver gear to immediately find a titan’s weak spot. Even as a short-built female, she excels at hand-to-hand combat thanks to her father’s training as a child. Her speciality involves kick techniques even though those are techniques to fight against humans more than titans. Since she’s an isolated type of individual, she clashed slightly with Eren Jaeger, who later used one of her kick techniques on Jean.

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