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Armin Arlert

A character from Attack on Titan.

”I think someone who can’t throw anything away is someone who can’t change.”


Age15 years old (Was 10 years old at his first appearance and joined the 104th Trainees Squad at age 12.)
BirthplaceSouthern Tip of Wall Maria in Shiganshina District
Voiced byMarina Inoue

Armin is a young blue-eyed boy with his ears covered by his blonde-haired bob-cut. He’s a childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa.

Armin is close to Eren because before Eren met Mikasa, Armin had very few close friends. He especially became close to Eren because he was also born and raised in the Shiganshina District.

Armin’s grandfather had written many stories of the outside world, which Armin shared with Eren. They soon shared a dream of eventually leaving the city walls and venture into the outside world.

His above average intelligence, sensitive nature, and spirit of inquiry makes him believe that mankind will surely reach the outside world. Through his character and ideology, he was often bullied for talking about the outside world as it soon became taboo, leaving Eren and Mikasa to constantly fend for him.

A year after the titan invasion of Year 845, his parents (In the anime, his grandfather) took decisive action on a campaign to retake Wall Maria, dying in the process. It was found out that the campaign was actually to “lower the amount of mouths to feed” rather than retaking the wall, so Armin began to hold a grudge against the military police. Being unable to keep quiet after discovering this truth, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin joined the Trainees Squad. Due to the recommendation of Eren and their instructor, Armin hoped to enlist in the Scouting Legion to join Eren.


Armin has strong will, but appears very timid. Since Eren and Mikasa always protect him, he feels that he is powerless, useless, and a hindrance to them.

Due to the Trost District incident, his way of thinking further deteriorated, feeling ashamed that he could not help his fellow fighters. However, during the invasion by titans on the Shiganshina District, Captain Hannes requested that he save Eren and Mikasa and Armin soon found his own strength in strategy and was able to warn Eren and Mikasa in time.


He has a short build and lacks physical strength so his physical abilities are meager. Armin miraculously passed his graduation mock battle even to his own surprise but proved his skills as an intelligent field tactician and strategist, graduating the top of his class in that topic. Even though he was placed on the front lines, his battle intellect and plans saved his comrades countless times.

Armin according to pixiv members

ちょっと 痛っ...

Due to his androgynous looks, he’s often drawn in women’s clothing and tagged with “Gender: Armin.” To maintain his prestige as a male, fans have accepted him as a heterosexual.

On the official website, there is a 4-panel comic that features Armin in a bunny girl outfit which inspired his nickname, “Bunnymin” or “Bunny Armin” and lots of illustrations of him in bunny suits have since appeared on pixiv.

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