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Atsuko Mitsuya

Atsuko Mitsuya is the main character of Kurogame's JNWWL (Japan National Women Wrestling League).


Atsuko is a very kind, cheerful, and optimistic young girl. Even when things go terribly wrong for her, she still tries to maintain her optimistic outlook on life.


Ever since she was very little, Atsuko has always wanted to become a professional wrestler. But, had a very difficult time going through a very intense training regimen. However, Atsuko kept her dream alive and powered trough it. She finally got a break through the JNWWL, where she is their newest star. This in turn created a rivalry with some veterans. Most notable is Kohaku Guchikami. Even if her back is against the wall, she will not give in.


Age: 17
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 58kg
B:83 W:65 H:84
Occupation: High School Student
Favorite Move: Vertical Suplex
Finisher: Sakura Slam

Notable Matches

Vs. Kohaku

JNWWL: 満屋篤子対口神琥珀


  • Atsuko is allergic to pineapple.
  • Despite being straight, Atsuko has displayed some bi-sexual behavior.

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