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Axl Jet

Axl Jet is an original character, designed by rabbitgentleman/RGMfighter for representing himself and submitted to DeviantArt for public view.


Axl is a Philippine-born man and the freelance hero wannabe who loves computer, strolling, eating and drawing stuff as his personal interests.


DebutCelebration Strip (part 2)
Full nameAxl Jet
AliasJet Jet, Axl, Jet, The Improved Player, the Tank Man, weird warrior, Playboy Commando
Family/RelativesThe Baños family
Good pointKind
Bad pointStubborn and nerd
LikesMUGEN, Game Maker, Computer, fast food, nutritious food, robots, fighters, vehicles, Pokemon, cartoons, anime, anything he likes, cute, futuristic, fantasy and cool characters
Dislikesrowing, teasers, trolls (like imposters), hackers, Cyber bullies, faggot list, Power outage (because it's very frustrating that we do nothing like load shedding), punishments, blocking my friends, people who impersonate someone, anything else he hates
AffiliationIndependent (formerly), Silver Cloud (primarily), Recom Hero Squad (later)
OccupationComputer programmer, mercenary (sometimes), pilot (formerly), freelance hero
HobbiesComputer, strolling, drawing, eating, target practice, freelancing
AbilitiesMuscular strength in some point, running faster, stepping the skipped point on stairs, carrying heavy things (sometimes), martial arts, fourth wall breaking, military weapons, utilizing weapons
AlignmentNeutral Good
BirthdaySeptember 14, 1996
BirthplaceUnknown (supposedly somewhere in the Philippines)
Age22 (appearance)
Height6 ft.
Weight90 kg
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark brown
Blood typeAB
DesignerAxl Jet Baños



The life of this character is virtually based on his character designer's real-life counterpart. Axl is born somewhere in Southeast Asian country known as the Philippines with his adoptive patriarch family of Baños. He will be there in America during his futuristic events. Also, he is fully kind as he appears to be a good special person. Sometimes, he committed every mistake before he amends from them in the rest of humanity. Since then he used to become a computer programmer if he is interestingly wanted to graduate in school life and remembers many experiences from childhood like wanting to play both video, computer and arcade games, traveling the most beautiful places anywhere and learning things in programming technology, which are considered his hobbies.

For the imaginary world he lived in, he must be invited to assign the elite task force and military subsidiary of Recom Revolutionary Army called Recom Hero Squad, especially the foundation in Tycoon City, the city of mingle. Then he joins up with his best friend Guy Rawkins and other allies to earn more discipline and having a good training in many ways to fight against the evil invaders from dominating around the universe as seen in his many upcoming media appearances. But unfortunately, his military rank must be determined if its decision is private nor rookie.


Axl Jet's first name Axl is derived from the American singer-songwriter, Axl Rose, and his surname Jet came from the English rock band called Jethro Tull. Both of these names are abruptly taken from the creator's full name alongside Eno-Lee, a union between Eno, which is derived from the English musician Bryan Eno, and Lee came from David Lee Roth.


As the resemblance to Steve from Newgrounds, he always wears tank man's uniform, a gray helmet with rounded silver goggles that changes his cartoon eyes, white vest with a rabbit head symbol resembling Playboy, silver combat belt, silver gloves, silver boots and a gun holster on his right leg.


Axl is very kind and a goodly special man, but the bad point is that he exactly seemed to be not perfect of what he was socially doing because he had some imperfections like not paying attention to a highly authoritative person, which will be accepted and corrected of course. So he had a poor conduct and feels bored of what he doesn't like, including making himself stubborn and nerd, not expert in doing certain interests and many weirdos around him. Despite of being worse as an arrogant guy in times, he has more improvements to generally turn himself a better guy instead of his boredom he has in his mind just like the most of them, including his mom. Also, he is used to be smarter in doing anything as many as genius ones.


Axl can gain powers with implants to make himself stronger, carry heavy things with his strength, use muscular strength in some point, run faster and step the skipped point on stairs. Also, he is skilled in using any weapons and forms of martial arts.


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Seiyuu/Character Voice (CV): Axl Jet Baños

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