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Azusa Nakano

Azusa Nakano is a character for the K-On! series. A young guitarist who is one year below the main 4 girls in the Light Music club in Sakura High.


CV:Ayana Taketatsu

Azusa first appeared in the second volume of the manga (Episode 8 of the first season anime) as a short, young student with twin tail hairstyle. She decided to join the light music club after seeing their performance in the school festival and becomes the group's rhythm guitarist.

She is also shown to be born with a music background, where her parents once played in a jazz band. Is is through her parents she started playing guitar at the age of 10. Her signature guitar is the Fender Mustang.

Being the youngest member the club, Azusa took over as club president after Yui, Mio, Mugi and Ritsu graduated. With Ui, Jun, Sumire and Nao, they formed the "Wakaba Girls" group.


A very serious and earnest girl, sometimes to a fault. Azusa is often exasperated by the tea and sweets served by her club mates, and the costumes they wear. However she is shown to be weak to sweets, but is shy to acknowledge the fact. She is also easily calmed down even by a simple pat on the head.

Initially she joined the club with the motive to perform seriously, only to found out that her club is not what she would thought to be and sometimes complain on this matter. Regardless she seems to enjoy the company and eventually grow warmer to the club's unusual antics.

Azusa is often a victim of Yui's skin ship, which she often got hugged by Yui much to her annoyance. She is also nicknamed Azunyan by Yui after convincing her to try on a pair of cat ears and say "meow".

She admires Mio the most due to her maturity, personality and the fact that she is an experienced bassist, which at one time she tried to give Mio chocolate on Valentine's Day. She also finds Mugi very beautiful, and envies her hair and large eyes, and later starts teaching her how to play guitar when the two are alone in the club room.

She is also easily prone to skin tanning and even sun cream will not prevent it. Because of this, she is also nick named Kogenyan (lit. Burnt-nyan) by fans.


BirthdayNovember 11
Image ColorNavy Blue (Second Volume) → Pink (Third volume onwards), Green (Anime version)
ClassClass 1-2 (First year)→ Class 2-1 (Second year)


  • Her surname is taken from former P-Model keyboardist/programmer Teruo Nakano.
  • The other girls sometimes comment on how much Azusa and Mio resemble each other (especially during the few times when their hair is styled the same way), to the point where they could pass for sisters.
  • Both Ui and Jun mistake Azusa for a stranger when they see her tanned for the first time. This happens twice with Ui, despite the fact that she was visiting Azusa at home at the time and had seen her tanned once before.
  • Although she claims to dislike being treated like a cat or a child, Azusa often unknowingly displays a cute behavior that causes the other girls to treat her that way: pouting when no one is willing to practice, mewling like a cat when startled or sad, and putting on animal ears (in one case, forgetting she had them on overnight) as a distraction.
  • In the anime (possibly in the manga as well), Jun and Ui normally describe her as an anime figurine, in at least 2 occasions.
  • She was laughed at before by Ui and Jun when she had the idea of wearing waitress dress and cat ears, which she got the influence from Sawako.
  • When invited to make a movie about the light music club, the clip shown Azusa commenting on being assaulted suddenly to wear cat ears, while at the end of the video she was pressed to say "Welcome to the light music club nyan".

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