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Baretreenu is a character appearing in the game "Blaze Union".


AgeEarly 40s
First-Person PronounWatashi (私)
Primary CardOblivious Dawn

She is voiced by Asako Dodo. Her theme is "Absolute Wisdom".



Gulcasa's mother. She only appears in routes A and C. Depending on the route, she can become either an enemy or an ally.

A priestess and researcher investigating Brongaa's history. When her son Gulcasa was very young, she learned that not only had he inherited Brongaa's blood, but that the bloodline was unusually strong in him. Because of this, she cast a seal on him and changed his name to Garlot. So that she would be able to cast a stronger, unbreakable seal, Baretreenu abandoned her husband and son and traveled to Lost Aries.

However, her husband blamed their child for her disappearance and began to abuse him. Worse, all those who were in a position to save Garlot abandoned him because he was "cursed". And Baretreenu, learning this, decided that her research was more important than returning to rescue her son.

Essentially, by attempting to save her child from the tragedy of Brongaa's descendants, she plunged him into the depths of hell instead.

In route A, Garlot comes to stand before her as the logical conclusion of his quest for his power. At the end of their battle, Gulcasa obtains his true name and the freedom to decide how to live by himself, but becomes even more badly traumatized than before.

In route C, Baretreenu is called as an expert to save Thortie from Brongaa's illness. She then becomes the mastermind of the events that follow.


Despite the English spelling of her name, it is pronounced "Béatrine".

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