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Bertolt Hoover

Bertolt Hoover A character from "Attack on Titan". 104th Trainee


^ Height 192cm
^ Weight 81kg
^ Age 16 (Joined 104th Training Corps at 13 years old)
^ Birthplace A village located in the mountains at the southeast of Wall Maria
^ Birthday December 30
^ CV Tomohisa Hashizume
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 14, Second Poll: No. 9

Bertolt is a boy with black hair, and he graduated the 104th Training Corps in the south district of Wall Rose, ranked 3rd.
In the anime and official web manga, his skin is brown.
His physical ability is better than the other trainees. He can get familiar with any kind of activities, and he has excellent abilities. But he has a passive personality, following popular opinion and lacking of initiative.
At first, Bertolt wanted to join the Military Police Regiment, but the reason is quite ordinary that he just wants the privilege of “living a safe and comfortable life in the inner wall”. He is fully aware of his weakness and lack of initiative, ridiculing himself "I don’t have my own will" and he envied Eren and Armin who have their own purposes. On the other hand, he criticizes the fellow trainees who joined the Survey Corps without knowing the horror of the Titans but being pushed by public opinion. Eventually, he joined the Survey Corps, but there are reasons for this change (see below).

He often stays with Reiner Braun who is familiar with him in his hometown. He encountered with the Titans and survived five years ago, and he did not receive the rite of passage from Keith Shadis.
The other trainees secretly called him “Mr. Bertolt” as his nickname. The spelling in the English version is Bertolt Hoover.

There are almost no lines for him in the original and the animation, and he is often standing behind other characters. He has the quiet personality, and he does not want to draw any attention, and he takes a step back from Reiner and other companions, so he does not have much of a presence.
In addition, due to the fact that he does not have much of a presence and his name is hardly spelled, the fans use his name as a joke material.
He got familiar that the fans mistake his name on purpose. → Mr. Bell-so-and-so
But since the Volume 10, both the chance of appearance and the lines have been increased rapidly.

He had crush on Annie Leonhardt who is his fellow trainee secretly.
Sleeping posture is very bad, it seems that it was a daily routine for his fellow trainees to do fortune-telling by his sleeping posture.
According to the line of the Reiner in the game "Attack on Titan" supervised by the author of the Original, it seems that it was sunny when half of his body came out of the window, and if he was sitting straight and throwing the upper body down on the floor, the person you were waiting would come.
It was also described in 『Attack on Titan! Junior High』, when he was putting his feet on the desk and making acrobatic sleeping posture, Connie made a fortune-telling as a "Sunny day.”

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"Reiner ... You are doing that?? Now…! Here!


His true identity is the Colossal Titan who destroyed the walls of the Shiganshina and Trost districts five years ago, exposing humanity to the threat of the Titans. Bertolt is a friend of Reiner (the Armored Titan) and Annie (the Female Titan) who are fighting against the Humanity as "warriors". He appeared to lack skin entirely and his jaw and facial structure seemed to be similar with the human form.

He is quiet person, and he does not have much of a presence, plus his name is usually spelled wrongly, but his face is the symbol of the 『Attack on Titan』 who appeared in Episode 1, and he is a mascot character.
For Eren, Colossal Titan was the person who indirectly killed his mother and destroyed his hometown, and when Eren knew that that Colossal Titan is Bertolt, he disguised strong hostility. He himself seemed to think about something when he heard about the reasons why Eren and Armin who are his victims applied to join the Survey Corps. When Eren told him the death of Eren’s mother, he later told Eren, "I felt sorry."
He felt guilty that the crimes he has committed are not forgiven, and after his identity has been revealed, his fellow trainees talked with him for the words with memories and he showed his real feeling which has been suppressed by him till that time, but even though he thought somebody would have to stain their hands with blood and he did not change his position as an “enemy of human beings”.

The real reason to apply for the Military Police Regiment was because it was easiest to get close to the central government for the purpose of capturing the "Coordinate", but he found out Eren's ability to transform to the Titan, and he joined the Survey Corps together with Reiner to monitor Eren. When kidnapped Eren and then Eren escaped, he realized that Eren actually had the ability of "Coordinate".

He is usually timid and says that "I don't have my will", but exactly as he stated, he performs his duties without any private feelings. Once he makes up your mind, he won't show any hesitation, he can sacrifice not only the previous important companions, but also the original companions like Reiner and Annie, and keep calm. As a result, he detected all of Armin's tactics and defeated him with mental game.
In addition, Keith and Reiner noted him to be a person with great potential, but an utter lack of initiative. He was not able to utilize his full ability due to his passive personality, but if he made a serious effort, he would have the fighting ability to draw with Mikasa even when he was in human form.

In the decisive battle in Shiganshina, he transformed into the Titan, and he almost wiped out the Hange's squad and hunted down Eren and other fellow trainees, but he was defeated by Armin who overcome his own weakness and Eren in the desperate battle, and his human form was dragged out of the Titan’s body.
His arms and legs have been cut when he lost consciousness, when he woke up, he was being eaten by Armin who was injected with the serum, and he asked for help unintentionally from Eren and the other previous companions nearby. But when he realized that they had no reason to help him as an enemy, he met his end of being eaten by Armin in Titan form while crying the names of Annie and Reiner.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah Annie!! Reiner ah ah ah ..."

Just like the way of the death of Marco Bott who they betrayed and abandoned, coincidentally he died the same way that he was abandoned by the previous companions who they betrayed. The wish to “go home” with the Reiner and other companions did not come true (as a result, only Reiner returned to Home Country).

Although there was no opportunity to perform in the main part, it turned out that he was actually good at shooting. He was chosen as a warrior cadet due to that ability.
Shortly after, when they were selected as regular warriors, Galliard said bitter words to Reiner, and he greeted Reiner and encouraged Reiner gently.

Side Story

Just as Bertolt and Reiner betrayed the fellow trainees in a startling way, when Armin changed the image as the acquaintances and readers thought and became Dark Armin, Bertolt could not help himself and shouted “The descendant of Devil”, but this expression is also applicable to himself who became a “ Warrior".

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