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Blaze Union

"Blaze Union" is an SRPG developed by Sting for the PSP. It inherits the setting and system of "Yggdra Union".


A game included in the Dept. Heaven series. The basic plotline is the classic story of the protagonist and his companions taking a stand against the misgovernment of the current emperor.

Because it is a spinoff of Yggdra Union dealing with the Bronquian Empire, a number of characters that appeared in the previous game are also in this one.


The Bronquian Empire... A monarchist military state ruled by emperors who have contracted with Brongaa, the Dragon of Purgatory.

When the current Emperor, Thortie, inherited the throne from his younger brother, he imposed heavy taxes and military drafts.

This misgovernment caused an explosion of worry throughout the citizens. As a result, insurrection began to occur in various places, and public order declined. Acts of plunder by bandits and dishonest transactions by merchants ran rampant. The people's peace was torn asunder at the hands of the demon known as injustice.

In the western side of the empire lay the trade city of Tiera. In this town, the merchants who gained wealth by exploiting others and the extreme poor live in separate districts; it is a place that could be said to embody the irrational state of the empire.

In one corner of Tiera, in the slums of Nether where the oppressed live shoulder to shoulder, this story raises its curtains...

Chapter List

Chapter 1In the Name of Hope希望の名の下に
Chapter 2Light Shines on the Decaying Empire腐敗する帝国に差す光
Chapter 3It Means Battle戦う、という意味
Chapter 4What the Prophet's Eyes See預言者の瞳は何を見る
Chapter 5The Fallen Battle Flag堕ちたる軍旗
Chapter 6AThe Price of the Truth真実の代償
Chapter 6BBlood and Tears血と涙
Chapter 6CLive in This Worldこの世界を生きて


Garlot (voiced by Kousuke Toriumi)
The protagonist, age 17. A boy who began to desire power with which to protect himself and his loved ones after the childhood trauma of having been abandoned by his mother and horribly abused by his father. He is unable to accept the injustice of the world around him, and wants to become strong enough to change that reality.

He is hot-blooded, short-tempered, and reckless, but is also gentle at heart and inevitably empathizes with even his enemies.

Just maybe, when he grows up...


Siskier (voiced by Yui Horie)
The heroine, age 17. She is Garlot's childhood friend, who first started playing with him to try to cheer him up. She has feelings for him, but Garlot doesn't realize this, and views her as someone to depend on like a mother or older sister instead.

She has a bright and cheery personality, and loves scarves. She hates clothes that restrict her movements, and is so lightly dressed that she gets made fun of for being an "exhibitionist".


Jenon (voiced by Shinji Kawada)
Garlot and Siskier's childhood friend, age 17. Despite having played with both of them from a young age, Jenon is actually of noble birth. In order to join their battle against oppression, he ran away from home, and now serves as their tactician. He has a playful personality and a weakness for women.

He's jealous of Nessiah, who has a similar position in Gram Blaze and a higher skill level. As a result, they don't get along.

Medoute (voiced by Rie Tanaka)
A self-proclaimed "traveling warrior", age 21. She rescues Garlot and his friends when they are surrounded by enemies, but then tells them that they lack the power and wisdom to grant their own ideals and leaves. When she sees what effect her words have on them, she decides to stay with them and watch over their battle as a means of taking responsibility.

She acts as a sempai who's knowledgeable about the world, and lectures the other characters about geography and ethics. She tends to come off as very mature, but she also dislikes dealing with emotional distress.

Luciana (left) and Aegina (right) (voiced by Mai Nakahara)
A pair of twins raised by a noble named Albelt, age 15. They are rescued by Garlot in chapter 2, and become members of Gram Blaze. Luciana is an NPC due to her leg injury, but Aegina joins the party.

They are being targeted by a mysterious organization called the "Blessed Papal Army", and appear to be shouldering a heavy fate. Luciana, the elder sister, is a cheerful prankster; Aegina, the younger, is modest and quiet.

Nessiah (voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga)
A blind sorcerer, age unknown (appears to be about 19). He is rumored to be a skilled prophet, and lives deep in the forest. Garlot and the others go to evaluate his abilities and recruit him to their forces, but...

He becomes Gram Blaze's primary strategist, and participates in battle with his powerful magic as a necromancer. He and Garlot hit it off quickly, become very close, and are rarely seen apart, but Nessiah is bad at dealing with Jenon, who is jealous of him.


Eimi (voiced by Ai Nonaka)
A little girl searching for her long-lost older brother. Eleven years old. She is rescued by Garlot in the very first battle.

When they are reunited...


Leon (voiced by Takuya Satou)
A knight known as a mad warrior. Age 19. He is an Imperial soldier, and serves as a captain defending the border.

After a certain incident, he comes to see Garlot as his rival.

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Gram Blaze

Garlot Siskier Jenon Medoute
Aegina Luciana Nessiah Leon
Mizer Byff Sleip Eudy
Eater Zilva Eimi Elena


Thortie Lapis Baldus
Cerica Inzaghi Pandra
Baretreenu Velleman


Tiera Trio


Puer Maledraconis Gulcasa Magica

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