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Blue Hoshikawa

Blue Hoshikawa is the main heroine in an original manga called "Unbinding Boundaries of Fate."

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Blue Hoshikawa is the only child to the Hoshikawa family and really a generous person. She can be a bit shy when meeting new people and a little bit clumsy, but she is really smart and talented. Her family owns a cafe and she is the maid there. She speaks very politely and since she is very honest and diligent, she is often to believe everything she's been told. She rarely gets angry at anything.

Other Information

Birthday: August 15
Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Likes: Cute stuff, World Peace, Sweets, Music
Dislikes: Bugs, War, Violence, Spicy Foods
3 sizes: B91 W56 H82
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Relatives: Maria Hoshikawa (mother)
Takashi Hoshikawa (father)
Neko-chan (cat)
Natsuki Minamiko (friend)
Takumi Harashibara (friend/secret lover)
Minoru Minamiko (friend)

Work Appearances

Unbinding Boundaries of Fate

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Blue-chan 星川ブルー

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星川ブルー Blue-chan Blue Hoshikawa

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