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Chobi is a type of character name.

Chobi may refer to:

  1. The office dog in pixiv Inc.
  2. One of the characters in the manga『The Animal Doctor』(動物のお医者さん).
  3. One of the characters in the anime『FF:U~Final Fantasy : Unlimited~』.

The Dog in pixiv Inc.


Chobi is the dog who is, in the profile, said to be working in pixiv Inc.


Introduction of Chobi, the office dog of pixiv


According to the profile, it's a female. Although there are cases where Chobi's gender is mistaken to be a male.

Job Description

When pixiv is under maintenance

These are the following actions Chobi will perform in the mini game when pixiv is under maintenance.

  • Her neck will expand (!?)
  • Climbing block walls
  • Collecting bones
  • Collecting Chikuwa (a Japanese tube-shaped fish-paste cake)
  • Expand herself

Announcing number of submitted illustrations on Twitter

Chobi is also responsible in announcing number of submitted illustrations every hour in her designated twitter account (except during lunch, rest, and sleep).
She often fails to get the exact number when pixiv is under maintenance, though.

Chobi (chobi_pixiv) on Twitter

Announcements on Twitter Ustream/Oekaki Chat

By replying to Chobi with a specific sentence or keyword, Chobi will announce your tweets at Oekaki Chat and Ustream. For example, if you reply to Chobi with a "I'm now streaming at Ustream right now", Chobi will relay your tweets and advertise your activity on Ustream or Oekaki Chat, depending on the location.

Announcement (in Japanese)

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Chobi in "The Animal Doctor"


A female Siberian Husky dog who appeared in the manga The Animal Doctor

While she has the wisdom looks and is said to have a scary face, she is actually a kind dog.

Since she is a dog, while she doesn't talk like a human, her thoughts and dialogues are shown in text form without using speech bubble.

She seems to be weak to lightning as well.

Chobi in FF:U ~Final Fantasy : Unlimited


A male Chocobo. Voiced by Akiko Yajima
Previously a wild Chocobo, but after being tamed, he is seen to accompany the main characters in their journey.

During halfway of the journey, he also gained the ability to fly.

He is also seen to wear a strange clock "Isabell" on his neck that has the mysterious ability to announce departure time for underground trains.

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