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Cierra is a character appearing in the game "Riviera: The Promised Land".


One of the heroines, the Sprite of Wisdom.

A Sprite woman. She calls herself the "Scarlet Witch", and is the oldest of the heroines. She lives in the forest to do research, but when she meets Ecthel's party she joins them. Ordinarily, she has a laid-back personality, but she uses powerful magic in battle.

She appears to be a cat lover, and adopts Rose as her pet.

Cierra is the only legal adult in the party, and she is depicted drinking and even getting drunk in official wallpapers and in the audio dramas.

The drama "The Melancholy of Millefeuille-chan?!" explains how she met Rose. In "Riviera Private School", she is the teacher.

Her voice actress is Yuuko Gotoh, and her first-person pronoun is "Watashi" (私).

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