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Cruz is a character that appears in the games "Yggdra Union" and "Yggdra Unison".


First-Person PronounBoku (僕)
Primary CardAce Guard, Thunderbolt

His voice actor is Hisayoshi Suganuma.

Leader of the Resistance that hides in Marduk Forest. If the conditions are met, he joins the party in Chapter 4.

Nicknamed "Revolutionary Warrior", "Night Attack", "Read The Atmosphere, You Dummy!", "Invisible Man".

His class is "Hunter" and his weapon is the bow. He gets terrain bonuses during the day and in the forest, but there are only two maps that Cruz can be deployed in that have a lot of forest terrain. Not to mention, in the later half of the game, there are a lot of maps that have their time of day set permanently to evening or night, so even though Cruz is good during the daytime, there's no real meaning. (Another bow unit, Elena, has nighttime bonuses.)

In BF35, there's a scene where Cruz offers the plan "How 'bout a night attack?" in the problem of how to conquer a fortress, but maybe because they can't employ such a tactic, he is ignored by the other characters. (Cruz is an optional character, though, so to be fair there couldn't be any conversations where he plays a crucial role.)

In the PSP version's famous lines, "How 'bout a night attack?" is there; this has become an official joke.

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