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Dangerous Heritage

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 7.1 Dangerous Heritage, known as "Dangerous Heritage", is an Italian fanserie of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", by AlsoSprachVelociraptor on EFP, soon to be translated in english.


Year 2016.
Shizuka Higashikata, the Invisible baby from part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable, is grown. She is 17 years old, and lives with her family in Morioh, with her dads, Josuke Higashikata and Okuyasu Nijimura.
Nothing seems to disturb her boring and placid life, until the family of her father Josuke comes to Morioh with news about the Stone Mask and a little, strange city in north Italy, La Bassa.


  • Joestar family

Shizuka Higashikata

Josuke and Okuyasu's only daughter, 17 years old. Stubborn and shy, always searching for a fight. Kinda uncontrollable.
Very short and skinny, everyone treats her as a kid. Kinda underhanded.
Stand: Achtung Baby

Josuke Higashikata

Shizuka's father and Okuyasu's husband, Josuke was the protagonist of part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable. Bossy, angered and rather clever, he's a doctor and works at Morioh's hospital.
Very huge, always mistaken for a foreign, and very, VERY angry all the time. He has cut his hair for the wedding with Okuyasu, and now he has short, spiky hair, that resembles too much his father ones.
Stand: Crazy Diamond

Okuyasu Nijimura
Shizuka's dad and best househusband. He's the stronghold of the family, always quiet and smiling. A very positive man, who loves his family more than himself. He has long, stright silver and black hair and a pair of thick glasses.
Even if everyone thinks as him as a not to smart man, he showed to be a great thinker and maker of difficult plans and ideas.
Stand: The Hand

Koichi Hirose

He works with Josuke at Morioh hospital as a psychoanalyst. He's always prone to help everyone, even if this stresses him too much than it should. He worries about family and friends and pretty everything. He has a wife, Yukako, and two sons, Manami (8) and Tamotsu (5).
He's not really grown in height, but he is still considered a great man.
Stand: Echoes (act 1, 2, 3, 4)

Yukako Hirose

Koichi's wife, she is more quiet and thinker than she was as a teenager, but she's still quite reckless when it comes to family and, in particular, with her sons.
She works at "Cindarella Beauty Salon", created by her and her friends in honor to Aya Tsurugi, killed by Yoshikage Kira in 1999. She's an hair dresser.
Yukako and Okuyasu are best friends, always hanging up together.
Stand: Love Deluxe

Jotaro Kujo

Josuke's nephew, he is not in really good terms with him. Stern and cynical as always, he has lost an eye in the battle against Pucci. He works for the Speedwagon Foundation, and has a lot of informations about the Stone Mask in La Bassa.
Not very talktive.
Stand: Star Platinum The World

Rosanna Kujo

Jotaro's wife, she has no stand and doesn't know nothing about stands and arrows and stone masks, but supports her husband and sons anyway. After the battle against Pucci, she has reunited with her husband and adopted Emporio. She is shy and uncertain, but tries her best to support her family.

Jolyne Kujo

Jotaro and Rosanna's daughter, is reckless and likes to have fun and don't think about the future. Even if it's 24 years old, she doesn't work or go to school, and sometimes help her dad with the Speedwagon Foundation. Is engaged to Narciso Annasui, but has really no plains for their relationship, kinda hampered by Jotaro.
Stand: Stone Free

Emporio Kujo

Emporio, the kid living in the prison in "Stone Ocean", now adopted by Jotaro Kujo and Rosanna Kujo. He lives with his new familY in their house in Miami. He's shy but determined, and prefers to not be involved in battles. Kinda pacifist, likes to study and he's pretty clever.
Stand: Burning Down the House

Holly Joestar

Jotaro's mother, Joseph's older daughter and Josuke's big sister, Holly is a sprightly 74 years old. After the divorce with her absent husband, some year after the end of "Stardust Crusaders", she started to travel the world and do sports, and never ended have fun. After her disease she's been capable of control her stand, and now she uses it perfectly. She's still a sweet woman and enjoys the company of her family.
Stand: Every Rose has its Thorns

Joseph Joestar

Josuke and Holly's father, he has 96 years and has many health problems. He used to live in a luxury flat in New York with his wife Suzie Q, but when she died, 14 years prior to the serie (in 2002), he wasn't no more capable of take care of himself and of the baby he adopted in Morioh, Shizuka, that passed in the custody of Joseph's son, Josuke.
He doesn't remember some things, and it's no longer able to speak fluently.
Stand: Hermit Purple (he's no more capable of use it)

  • The Banda of the Ripple

Zarathustra De Luna

Banda's chief and founder, 19 years old girl that doesn't resemble much a girl and seems way younger than she is.
Everybody calls her "the Boss", and she claims loyalty and respect from her subordinates and friends. She's a genius, has an analytical mind that makes her capable of doing perfect (or almost perfect) plans. Always cool and cynical, never shows emotions.
Is a master of the Ripple, practicing it at perfection.
Stand: 42

Ludovico Allevi

Banda's deputy chief, Zarathustra classmate and childhood best friend. He's rather smart and cunning, but prefers be a womanizer than train to the Ripple and engaging in Banda's business.
Like all the members of the Banda, he goes to school to the San Giorgio High School of La Bassa.
Stand: Black or White

Regina Stradivari

18 years old girl, very tall and strong, often portrayed as the bodygyard of Zarathustra for her loyality. She can be very very frightening in battle, but with her friends she's the "mom friend", gentle and always ready to help others. She's considered the most powerful of the Banda. She's Davide's girlfriend.
Stand: Kings&Queens

Davide Rossini

19 years old, classmate and boyfriend to Regina, he's very shy and metodical, not speaking much but seeing and controlling it all. Is always worried about his friends and the Boss' plans, giving advices to others. Despite this, he can be quite terrifying in battle.
Stand: 1000 Forms of Fear

Eriol Armuschio

The older girl of the Banda, has 20 years old and works in the school pub of the San Giorgio High School. She's an adventuress, always trying to cheer up others. She can be very dangeous in battle, even if her stand is not phisical, but thanks to her great knowledge she can harm opponents in many ways.
Stand: Memory for Evermore

Alex De Luna

Zarathustra's little brother, 16 years old. He's very tall and large, seeming older and scarier than he really is. He's a sheepish and scaried boy, always looking for his big sister, kinda dependent on her. He has great skills but is afraid of using and develop them.
Stand: Nothing but the Beat

Piero Rossi

He is always reckless and full of energy, acting without thinking and doing troubles everywhere. He has 17 years old, soon to be 18, but seems much younger, due to be very very short. Not the smartest of the Banda but surely the most fierce and combactive, has a kinda dark past that gives him a great will to live and have fun, even too much.
Stand: Seven Nation Army

Noemi Masini

17 years old redhair, always with her head over the clouds. Great dreamer, she's rather pacifist and doesn't really like to fight. She prefers hanging out with her friends and have fun than fight, but she keeps being in the Banda because she has a common purpose with other members. Kinda too much lazy.
Stand: Imagine Dragons

  • Others


Eriol's ex classmate, she studies nursing and works at the Emergency Department of Floodplain. She is friend with the members of the Banda. She is easygoing and always smiling.


  • Morioh-cho
A small but urbanized town in the suburb of S-City, in the north of Japan. Has a big port on the Pacific Ocean. Is a very modern place, having all the modern comfort of great cities but in a more quiet way. Here lives the Higashikata and the Hirose family, and takes place the first part of the serie.
Country: Japan
Area: 20 km²
Population: 63'220
Density: 3160/km2
Language: japanese

Morioh Hospital
One of the most important and big hospitals of all north Japan and the most specialized. Many PhD medical students come to study in this hospital. Josuke (traumatologist) and Koichi (psychoanalyst) work here.

Budo Ga Oka middle and high school
The school where Shizuka and her friends Sachiyo Kawajiri and Rin Takahashi. Many years before the serie, even Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi and Yukako attended to this school.

  • Po river
The biggest, longest river of Italy. Has a strange halo that often scaries the foreigners. Seems to reject vampires.

  • Forcello
A very small town at north of Po and La Bassa.

Città della Moda
A big fashon district, big as a village, that hosts many shops.

  • La Bassa
A rather big city in north Italy, along the south coast of the big Po river. The city is bigger than Morioh, but much less inhabited, having less than half of the population but six times the area. The inhabited areas are surrounded by very large portions of agricultural countryside, mostly uninhabited.
Country: Italy
Area: 130 km²
Population: 29'740
Density: 228/km2
Language: Italian, LaBassese dialect

San Giorgio high school
"Istituto Superiore San Giorgio" in italian, is the school where the members of the Banda attends, and where Eriol and Cri attended. Its the seat of different school addresses.
  • Zarathustra and Ludovico attend to Classical Studies;
  • Regina and davide attend to the Linguistic studies;
  • Eriol and Cri attended to the Scientific studies;
  • Piero, Noemi and Alex attend to Commercial Technical studies.
It hosts many sport fields, a school pub, and a big parking.

Emergency department in floodplain
A long series of hospital beds under gazebos, gathering all the people attacked by vampires. Volunteer nurses and doctors works here. It's not sure how outstretched is, but surely is all the distance of the floodplain of La Bassa over the Po river.