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The first overseas Touhou Voice Drama!


Touhou voice drama produced by Major Milk in May 2017 "Marisa and Alice's Easter Egg Hunt" Common name for. It probably contains material that is conscious of the example.
It is an English voice drama produced almost exclusively by foreigners, and Japanese subtitles are added by the poster's comment on Nico Nico Douga.

In November 2017, the producer "Touhou Voice Drama --A Touhou Thanksgiving Dinner" was produced.
Nico Nico Douga has Japanese subtitles, bilibili videos have Chinese subtitles, and NAVER cafe has Korean subtitles.

Be careful of notation fluctuation

TDN notation is basically not used for the performers of Easter ☆.
In many cases, uppercase and lowercase letters are not unified in voice dramas, later interviews, Twitter account names, etc., and the name notation fluctuation occurs.
It is necessary to determine which name is the mainstream because it will not be searched correctly due to a defect in the system of pixiv.
In particular, writing articles is irreversible, so be careful.

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