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Ecthel is the protagonist of the game "Riviera: The Promised Land".


The protagonist. A young Grim Angel boy. He carries "Ecthelion", the most powerful Diviner, and apparently his name is derived from its. To give him the right to wield Ecthelion, his wings were sacrificed.

Unlike all other Grim Angels, Ecthel does not have leucism. The significance of that fact is unknown, but because of that, it's difficult to tell at first glance that he's a Grim Angel.

He went to Riviera to actuate the Retribution, but for the sake of the Sprites who live there, he searches for another way to get rid of the demons.

Ecthel has a somewhat naive personality, and he tends to bottle up his worries, only ever confessing them to his best friend Rose.

Over the course of the story, his desire to protect the sinless Sprites and his sense that he should obey the gods who created him come into conflict.

He seems to be self-conscious of the fact that he does not have wings.

A number of people are attracted him romantically, but Ecthel himself doesn't appear to notice. This might be more out of obliviousness than his own innocence.

In the audio drama "Riviera Private School", he is a member of the Student Council.

His voice actress is Rie Kugimiya. His first-person pronoun is "Boku" (僕).


  • English versions of the game changed his name to "Ein" and his Diviner's name to "Einherjar". However, there is no connection to the Inferno named Einherjar that appears in Gungnir, which was created afterwards. This simply seems to be an awkward localization choice on the part of Atlus USA.

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