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Eigo Monogatari (English Story)

Eigo Monogatari (or English Story) is an online gaming app released by FreCre, Inc. In this RPG, players can learn English language by solving quizzes. The story of Eigo Monogatari can be read in both Japanese and English.

Game Overview

Eigo Monogatari is an English learning RPG for smartphones and tablets where players can learn English language while playing.



Game system


We are Hideo and Eiko Yonekura, twin siblings, 15 years old. Everything started on a winter day when we were about to take our high school entrance examination. Our English test score was really bad and we wished so bad that English would disappear from this world...

...But then, our world suddenly changed.

We were suddenly trapped in a dream world where there is no day or night. This bizarre world was full of strange creatures called Yuru-chara's (or Yuru's). We will make a journey with Piyoko, an adorable Yuru of Hiyoko manju (Japanese sweet buns) in order to return to where they came from.

Eiko:"No...no... why do we have to fight with them!? Look at her, she's so cute! This is totally wrong!"
Hideo:"Shut up! You only want to say that phrase, don't you!?"

This is how we started our journey.



Hideo Yonekura


Eiko Yonekura
A 15 y/o beauty. She's in the third year of junior high.
Loves the Yuru's (except for some) and is loved by them in return.
No matter how nuts the Yuru's behave, she showers them with love (except for some). Eiko might sometimes give a cold shower to the type of female Yuru's that Hideo likes. Her weapons are brass knuckles and her big boobs. Likes to eat a lot.

【英語物語】ドット絵 twitterlog ~2018年2月

Okoshin is the Yuru-chara of Kaminariokoshi (Japanese sweet rice cracker). Also known as the walking Wikipe- I mean, dictionary. He has an extensive knowledge of the world and shares a lot of fun facts to Hideo and Eiko during the journey around the world.


Piyoko is the Yuru-chara of Hiyoko manju (Japanese sweet buns) who looks good in any cosplay. She always wears pretty revealing clothes, but I would say within 'limits'.

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