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Eren Jaeger

The protagonist of Attack on Titan.

”I’m going to exterminate them! There won’t be a single one left!”


Age15 years old (Was 10 years old during his first appearance, joined the 104th Trainees Squad at 12 years old)
BirthplaceSouthern Tip of Wall Maria, Shiganshina District
Voiced byYuuki Kaji

Eren inherited his looks from his mother, while his eyes are various colors depending on the work. The original work had his eyes as golden yellow while the anime shows them as emerald green.
The anime also gives him thicker eyebrows.


His personality is blunt and reckless. Eren has a great sense of justice. He shows a great desire to kill and possesses violent behavior, starting when he was 10 years old. When his friend Armin would get bullied, Eren and Mikasa would stand up for him.

Since he has such low tolerance, whenever Eren lies his ears would turn red in the animation.

At first glance, he appears to be hard-headed and impulsive, but with the strength of his will, he has the spirit which would help him toss away pride to combat adversary. He is trying to attune himself to other people’s emotions to better himself as a leader.

On the other hand, even though he has genuine sense of justice, he carries a lack of patience which have blindly led him to near-death situations. It was so bad that Levi has called Eren “The Unstoppable.” When Eren was 9 years old, even though Mikasa was unknown to him, he had killed the two of her three kidnappers in an effort to save her.

After Eren had discovered he could transform into a titan, he gained an awesome ability to heal himself at superhuman speeds. If he were to get injured while in human form, even as far as losing limbs, he can regain those lost limbs once he transforms into a titan. There are times where his healing ability is so great that he can even heal people without needing to become a titan, but the ability is unstable as it does not seem to work each time.


Eren spent his youth living near the southern entrance of Wall Maria in the Shiganshina District. He lived with his father, who is a doctor, and his mother along with Mikasa, who had lost both her parents. Ever since Armin had told Eren of the outside world, he has had dreams of exploring outside the city walls. For the sake of traveling outside the walls, Eren aimed to join the only group allowed outside: the Scouting Legion.

In Year 845, 10 year old Eren lost his mother during the invasion by the titans and the appearance of the Colossal Titan, deciding to take on a personal oath that he would exterminate the titans.

Futhermore, after the death of his mother and his father's disappearance, he was so traumatized that he seemed to have lost most of his memories. When he starts to recall them, he’s faced with an intense headache.

Due to Wall Maria being breached, Eren and the others took refuge behind Wall Rose and spent their time on agricultural land. After they became of the proper age to enroll in the military, 12 year old Eren volunteered for the 104th Trainees Squad. He was 2nd best next to Mikasa for hand-to-hand combat, with an overall graduating rank of 5 in the 104th Trainees Squad.
He finished his training at age 15 in the year 850. At any rate, he wanted to kill the titans, so he hoped to join the Scouting Legion. Prior to applying, the Colossal Titan had appeared once more and started its invasion of the Wall Rose. It disappeared after after breaking the gate and the new recruits were split into squads to defend the city. After seeing his comrades killed in action, Eren jumps into battle, loses his leg and gets swallowed by a titan. Through this, his determination to eradicate all titans led him to eventually discover his titan shifting ability. It was mankind’s first time in a 100 years that they had succeeded against a titan invasion.

Since he defeated the titans, Eren soon became Mankind’s Hope as many people started to believe in him and his power. Some doubted that Eren’s loyalty and safety, and with much controversy, Irvin Smith welcomed Eren formally into the Scouting Legion under Levi’s supervision.

From this point on, “Eren’s existence” and “The secret of father’s basement” became the key to humanity’s counterattack. After the 57th investigation of outside the walls, intelligent titans used that as a reason to kidnap Eren, Levi’s unit, while protecting the Scouting Legion, was forced into battle.


Jaeger” is German for “hunter.” The name “Eren,” if spelled with L’s are female, but if spelled with an R, appears to be a male name in Europe.

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