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FumoFumo (ふもふも) has two different meanings in pixiv.

FumoFumo may refer to :

1. Animals with fluffy tail or body parts.
2. Touhou stuffed toy series.

In pixiv, FumoFumo is used to describe the latter. It is released by Gift, and any artworks depicting the dolls and it's design will be attached using this tag. It is also an alternative term for "Touhou stuffed toy series".


Gift first released 2 types of FumoFumo on Comiket for sale during August, 2008. It was instantly sold out after the event opened, and was temporally impossible to obtain except trying one's luck on Yahoo! Auction. Soon Gift decided to re-release another batch of stock for the same product, but was soon sold out as well, which proved their popularity.


There are current 10 different types of FumoFumo on sale (not in order)

「FumoFumo Reimu」(Reimu Hakurei)
「FumoFumo Marisa」(Marisa Kirisame)
「FumoFumo Alice」(Alice Margatroid)
「FumoFumo Sakuya」(Sakuya Izayoi)
「FumoFumo Remilia」(Remilia Scarlet)
「FumoFumo Patchy」(Patchouli Knowledge )
「FumoFumo Flan」(Flandre Scarlet)
「FumoFumo Sanae」(Sanae Kochiya)
「FumoFumo Cirno」(Cirno)
「FumoFumo Suwako」(Suwako Moriya)

Deka Fumo Series

Gift also released a jumbo sized version of FumoFumo which is about 5x the size of a normal FumoFumo. Currently there are 2 in the market.

「DekaFumo Reimu」(Reimu Hakurei)
「DekaFumo Marisa」(Marisa Kirisame)

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