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Good For You Tae-chan

A tag for illustrations parodying a certain scene in the adult manga "Koro-chan" by KawadyMAX.


Tae-chan, a little orphan girl abandoned by mother and in a facility's care, has no relatives but an uncle (mother's brother), who takes her in, and she is happily playing with Koro-chan, her teddy bear, pretending it say the titular line.
However, what really follows is an utterly downer story with sexual abuse depictions, which leaves a pretty traumatic impression.
Beware that if you look it up on-line, you might find the source manga.
The original story has it like this: "My family will grow!!" "Good for you, Tae-chan!" where "○○ will grow!" becomes written for pretence (really the other way around).

By the way, stuff like letting an orphan get taken by somebody without investigating their background first almost never happens in reality.

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