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Grim Angel

"Grim Angel" is a term used in the Dept. Heaven series.

※This article contains spoilers for the Dept. Heaven series.


A race of angels specializing in combat that were created personally by the gods. In order to increase battle capacity during the "Ragnarok" incident that plunged Asgard into chaos, the gods distributed flesh from their own bodies and created the Grim Angels by further imparting their wisdom. After "Ragnarok" the gods were destroyed, so no further Grim Angels should be born, but there are rumors that someone is perpetrating secret experiments in the hopes of creating manmade ones.

They are irregular existences for angels, and in contrast to their high physical specs, they have the handicap of being unstable life forms, and they have the trait of possessing short periods of operation. Because of this, they are ordinarily kept in a deep sleep in the angels' mausoleum, and awakened in times of need. However, it seems that there are many Grim Angels who never awaken again once put into stasis.

(From the official documents book Dept. Heaven Episodes World Guidance)


Weapons concealing divine power that can only be used by Grim Angels. In order to control their Diviners, Grim Angels must all sacrifice something. Also, the names of Diviners are customarily derived from the names of the first Grim Angels to wield them. However, the Toolus series of manmade Diviners do not necessarily hold to these rules.

(From the official documents book Dept. Heaven Episodes World Guidance)

True Grim Angels

Protagonist of Riviera. The only Grim Angel that does not have leucism. Uses the holy Diviner "Ecthelion". In the story, he heads to Riviera on the mission to actuate the "Retribution".

A character appearing in Riviera. Uses the fire Diviner "Lorelei". He heads to Riviera with Ecthel to actuate the "Retribution".

A character appearing in "Yggdra Union", "Blaze Union", and "Yggdra Unison". A Grim Angel exiled for the sin of "disobeying god". After that time, he changed his name to "Nessiah".

A character appearing in name only. Depicted on the "Judgment Zero" card in "Yggdra Union", "Blaze Union", and "Gloria Union". Strongly resembles Hector's experimental Grim Angels, particularly Malice.

Experimental Grim Angels


No. 367
True name unknown. Appears only in the PSP version of "Yggdra Union". A young female test subject wielding the fake Diviner "Test Toolus II". Typically has a meek personality, but becomes belligerent and high-handed after the release of her Diviner.


No. 549
Codename "Primea". Appears in "Knights in the Nightmare". A young female test subject wielding the fake Diviner "Toolus Prototype".


No. 1132
True name "Malice Ructor". Appears in "Riviera: The Promised Land". Uses the manmade ice Diviner "Toolus". Unlike the other test subjects, she believes herself to be a true Grim Angel.

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