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Gungnir: Inferno of the Demon Lance and the War of Heroes

"Gungnir: Inferno of the Demon Lance and the War of Heroes" is an SRPG released by Sting.

Dept. Heaven Episode IX.


"From today onwards, you are our 'friend'." With those words, the Leonica boy Julio invites the Daltania girl he "stole by force" from Imperial slavers to join the Resistance. Alyssa's heart was moved by Julio's words, which ignored the difference between their races.

From ancient times, the Gargandian Empire had been mired in racial conflict. The master race, the "Daltania", flourished under the protection of the Emperor, and behind them the accursed "Leonica" people had a long history of persecution and resistance.

Alyssa nods, despite being troubled. But that girl's "blood" will attract the Daltania military regardless of her own wishes.

The brutal massacre throughout the slums of Espada. The members of the Resistance, unable to overcome the difference in power, fall one by one. In the depths of despair, the moment that Julio prepared himself for death--all of a sudden, "it" came flying. The demon lance Gungnir--in which resided the pitch black blades of the Inferno of old, an absolute and sublime "power".

"This is... Gungnir. Is this--the Inferno?!" Covered in blood, Julio charged through the battlefield with lance in hand, and the Inferno he summoned wrought grave destruction unto the land. In the face of the fury of the Inferno and the lance, the people clung to one another in terror.

As the rebels seize their chance, the gears of destiny creak into motion. The Leonica of the demon lance, and the Daltania girl. To what future will their irreconcilable blood bring them--?


Julio Raguel
The protagonist. A Leonica boy, 15 years old. A member of Esperanza. Has participated in numerous battles and killed many enemies from a young age. Chosen by the lance. The "successor's mark" should be branded on his body somewhere.


The heroine. A Daltania girl, 16 years old. She came to Espada after being saved from slavers. She is thought to be a noble, but she does not seem to want to speak about herself. She is timid, but stubbornly commits to her ideals. She wields a giant lance decorated in pink roses.

Ragnus Raguel
A Daltania man; Julio's adoptive older brother. 22 years old. The captain of Esperanza. Tries to act like a calm leader, but he's actually very emotional. He seeks revenge for the death of his adopted father 15 years ago.


A self-proclaimed messenger from Asgard; the Grim (spinner of the demon lance). Has no interest in anything other than Julio and Gungnir. Completely ignores human culture and manners.

Fiona Raguel
A Leonica girl; 19 years old. Julio's blood-related older sister. Has a cheery personality and puts her family first.

A Daltania man; age 63. Alchemist. Esperanza's tactician; takes care of the Raguel siblings now that they have lost their parents. Likes alcohol and pretty girls.


Valery Brigid
A Daltania girl; age 17. A survivor of the Republic faction.

Natalia Raymond
A Daltania woman; age 21. An Imperial knight.

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