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Hanasaku Iroha (Tag name: 花咲くいろは, lit. The Colors of Blooming) is a Japanese anime series produced by P.A. Works. The anime began airing on April 2011 at UHF station and other TV broadcast stations, as well as online at NicoNicoDouga.


Hanasaku Iroha centers around Ohana Matsumae, a 16-year-old teenager living in Tokyo, who is left in the care of her estranged grandmother, following her mother's elopement with her boyfriend. Ohana arrives at her grandmother's country estate to realize she is the owner of a Taishō period hot spring inn called Kissuisou. She begins working at Kissuisou, at her grandmother's request, but finds herself at ends with many employees and customers at the inn. Initially feeling discouraged, she decides to use her circumstances as an opportunity to change herself for the better and to make amends with her deteriorating relationship with the Kissuisou staff for a more prominent future.

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Production Overview

P.A.Works produced this anime as the studio's 10th Anniversary Work. This anime is not adapted from any sources, making it an original work.

It is also officially licensed by Crunchyroll, making it available online for streaming on the US. It is also well recieved by the viewers around.

The setting of the anime is based on the real model of Hakuunrou Hotel, an onsen ryokan located at Ishikawa prefecture, Chuubu region of Honshuu Island. It was announced by the anime production committee about the details at Ishikawa prefecture's capital city, which is Kanazawa-shi, promoting the place itself.

A manga adaptation illustrated by Eito Chida began serialization in the December 2010 issue of Square Enix's Gangan Joker magazine.

About Hakuunrou Hotel

Hakuunrou Hotel was a Yuwakuonsen, an onsen ryokan specifically available and located at area of Kanazawa city, Ishikawa.

However, the place no longer exists, since the hotel fully dissolved itself at 2006.

Character Outline

Main Characters

Ohana Matsumae (松前 緒花 Matsumae Ohana)
Voiced by: Kanae Itou
Ohana Matsumae is the 16-year-old protagonist of Hanasaku Iroha. She is sent to live at her estranged grandmother's hot spring inn, Kissuisou, for a certain reason.
Brightly positive. Loud, but sometimes doesn't read the mood of situations. Brought up under a dysfunctional family, she took care of the family by doing all the family work, and is good at cooking.
She is easily identified with a blonde hairstyle, wavy and naturally curly hair, clipped with a flower hairpin.

Minko Tsurugi (鶴来 民子 Tsurugi Minko)
Voiced by: Chiaki Omigawa
Kissuisou's chef-in-training. Nicknamed "Minchi".
Lives in Kissuisou's staff hostel, sharing the same room with Ohana.
She is stoic, and strict. Initially having a strong dislike on Ohana, but soften up to her gradually.
She seems to be having a one sided crush on her senior and chef, Tooru Miyagishi.

Nako Oshimizu (押水 菜子 Oshimizu Nako)
Voiced by: Aki Toyosaki
A part time staff of Kissuisou. Nicknamed "Nakochi"
A stable girl who does her job carefully.
However she is quite reserved and shy. She was assigned to train Ohana, but does not go well with her job.
Her reason of working in Kissuisou is to change her current personality, so that she can be confident.

Yuina Wakura (和倉 結名 Wakura Yuina)
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu
Classmate of Ohana and Minko, daughter and heiress to the Fukuya Inn, the rival inn of Kissuisou. Claims to be in the similar situation as Ohana.

Staffs of Kissuisou

Sui Shijima (四十万 スイ Shijima Sui)
Voiced by: Tamie Kubota
Ohana's grandmother and the head of Kissuisou. Though strict and unforgiving in work ethics, she is actually rational and does not simply accuse without seeing the big picture, hence earning many respect from her workers.

Tomoe Wajima (輪島 巴 Wajima Tomoe)
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto
Kissuisou's head waitress. She seems to like Ohana.
Like rumours, and speaks like an old lady.

Enishi Shijima (四十万 縁 Shijima Enishi)
Voiced by: Kenji Hamada
Ohana's 32-year-old uncle. He was bullied by Satsuki during their childhood.

Tooru Miyagishi (宮岸 徹 Miyagishi Tooru)
Voiced by: Junji Majima
A chef of Kissuisou, who is assigned to teach Minko.
Though serious on work and strict on Minko, He's apparently sociable and good humored outside of work.

Renji Togashi (富樫 蓮二 Togashi Renji)
Voiced by: Taro Yamaguchi
Head chef of Kissuisou.

Denroku Sukegawa (助川 電六 Sukegawa Denroku)
Voiced by: Choo
A 73-year-old janitor working at Kissuisou.

Other Characters

Kouichi Tanemura (種村 孝一 Tanemura Kouichi)
Voiced by: Yuuki Kaji
A good friend of Ohana when she was still at Tokyo.
Though having a very close relationship with Ohana, Ohana's departure to Kissuisou prompted Kouichi to confess his feelings to Ohana before her departure.
Though they are still under contact with each other since then.

Tarou Jiroumaru (次郎丸 太朗 Jiroumaru Tarou)
Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe
A frequent customer of Kissuisou. Though he claimed himself to be a hit seller novelist...

Takako Kawajiri (川尻 崇子 Kawajiri Takako)
Voiced by : Ayumi Tsunematsu
A 30-year-old business consultant advisor for Kissuisou. She attended the same university as Enishi.


Original Author / Animation Studio : P.A.WORKS
Director : Masahiro Ando
Series Composition : Mari Okada
Original Character Design : Kishida Mel
Character Design, Lead Art Director : Kanami Sekiguchi
Main Animator : Yuriko Ishii
Color design: Katsue Inoue
Background Art Director : Kazuki Higashiji
Special Effects : Masahiro Murakami
Editing : Ayumi Takahashi
Music : Shiroh Hamaguchi
Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
Producer : Hiroshi Kawamura, Kenji Horikawa, Shigeru Saitou, Shuichi Kitada, Takahiro Inagaki, Takema Okamura, Tsuyoshi Oda, Yasushi Ooshima, Yousuke Wada
Production : Hanairo Ryokan Association

Theme Songs


「Hana no Iro」
by nano.RIPE

by Sphere

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