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Hange Zoe

Character appears in “Attack on Titan”.

“This world was changed by each and everyone’s choice"


^ CV Romi Park
^ Live Action Cast Satomi Ishihara
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 7, Second Poll: No. 5, Third Poll: No. 3

The section commander in charge of the Fourth Squad in Survey Corps. Height: 170cm Weight: 60kg Birthday: September 5
She wears glasses during normal times and wear goggles during missions.
It is subtle whether it was a ponytail or half-up, but it was considered as half-up because the length did not change much when the hair was lowered.
The hair style is half-up in Attack on Titan! Junior High], and it is ponytail in the anime version.
The first person is "watashi".
The name notation may be reversed as Zoe Hanji on English sites and English dubbed versions. As for the reason, perhaps usually Zoe has been used as the first name of female, someone must have misunderstood that.

Hange is elegant, friendly, thoughtful and clever, and has been working in the Survey Corps for a long time.
At one point, she questioned the structure of Titan 's body, and since then she has been investing her heart in experimenting with the giant. Due to the excessive passion, Hange has faced life crises several times such as being bitten by a Titan on the head. The subordinates have asked Hange to pay attention to that, but Hange does not plan to change.
"Section commander! Don’t live too fast and die young !"

The fact that she tries to understand Titans more than anybody else seems that she’s a Titan lover, but everything she does is based on her belief in regaining freedom deprived by Titans. There’s no way that she has special affection for the Titans. Actually,
until she revealed her non-combat approach to the Titans, you may have noticed that Hange continued to fight against the Titans with anger and hatred just like any other soldiers.
Despite being a Mad Scientist out of the line, Hange is actually a passionate soldier that cares for the mankind.
By the way, among all the characters in this work, Hange is the scariest character when she gets angry.

"It is really... the hottest one"
"Without the skin, it's really damned hot! It is hot!! Unbelievably hot!"

About Gender
As for Hange ’s gender, there are both female and male theories often being discussed.

In the original work, Hange’s gender cannot be judged through the appearance or behavior.
Therefore, some of the readers believe Hange is “a woman”, but some readers believe Hange is “a man”.

The author received a question about Hange's gender from the reader, and in a blog post on March 30, 2011, he replied as below,
“After receiving the question, I think it is better if I don’t say either way.”.
As a result, besides the female theory and the male theory, the “gender ambiguous theory” was born.

Although Hange ’s gender is not yet clearly stated, currently

  • She wears a skirt in the fake preview attached to the end of Tankobun Volume 5
  • There are scenes that speak in feminine language, such as "A soldier who died a year ago" or "Let's collect only jackets" (in Ilse's notebook. It was corrected in the anime version)
  • There is swelling of her bosom in the anime settings and the drawing pictures of the original story
  • Even in the figure for the Ichiban KUJI based on the settings of the anime version, her breast is clearly protruding
  • Hange wears the clothes in a female way .
  • The voice actor in the anime and the cast of the live-action version are female.

According to these examples, the theory that Hange is female is really powerful, and most of pixiv users think that Hange is female.
However, from the above circumstances, some of the fans still think that Hange’s gender is unknown or even male.
When posting the coupling works, it is recommended that the gender of Hange should be clearly stated to avoid misunderstandings.
When Hange's English notation is Hansi, the name is used by both women and men. If it’s set to be a “she”, Hansi is likely to be a nickname. The real name for this nickname is Johannna.

However, in the monthly magazine Animage, Hange was listed in the ranking of female characters, and the live-action cast is also female. As we can see, the female theory is quite influential.
Also, in the interview with the author of the monthly Attack on Titan Official Figure Collection, it was stated that “Hange is a woman in the anime and the live-action version”. In the original setting documents of the first special version of Movie Version Part 2 Blu-ray & DVD, it was written that "Hange is considered to be a woman, but still can be seen as a man."

Side Story

In the 『Attack on Titan Kuusou Kagaku Dokuhon』released by Kodansha, it is written that Rikao Yanagida, Hange Zoë of contemporary Japan, is investigating the Titans scientifically!!” . It is not entirely wrong.

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