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Hanji Zoe

A character from Attack on Titan.


Voiced by:Romi Park

Hanji is a squad leader of the Scouting Legion. She’s 170cm tall and weighs 60kg.
Even during times of peace, Hanji wears her special goggles.
It’s not clear on whether Hanji’s hair is up in a ponytail or if it’s half up, but in Charge! Titan Middle School it’s half up while it’s a ponytail in the anime.

She’s seen as a very kind, passionate, intelligent character who is also a veteran member of the Scouting Legion. Hanji loves learning about what the titans do and are, so even when they were able to capture a titan for experimenting, she is careful not to draw blood from the titan and seems to not fear for her life when she gets too close.

Hanji seems to be so interested in the titans that she may be seen as a titan lover, but she actually believes that titans can actually return to what she believes were their human forms. Even though they can only battle the titans now, she believes there’s got to be a different way they can handle the situation. Regardless, she can only continue fighting. A strange and eccentric mad scientist, she’s still a enthusiastic soldier.
“That one’s a hot-boiled one!”
“When they don’t have skin, they’re super hot! It’s too damn hot!”

About Hanji’s gender

It seems that Hanji’s gender is unknown to an extent.

With a height of 170cm, it’s difficult to tell whether Hanji is male or female just by art alone. Sometimes it’s obviously female and sometimes it looks masculine in the artwork, so slowly readers wonder if she is a man or not.

The artist has responded with an ambiguous answer, leading readers to figure out the real gender themselves.


  • Hanji wears a skirt in the 5th volume.
  • There was a scene where she speaks with a feminine tone
  • The English version of Attack on Titan has her as female
  • The anime has also made her female.

Due to the above, Hanji’s gender being female seems the most likely. Fans in pixiv have drawn her in a female form and others who wish to see her as male has drawn her in male form. For when she gets paired with a man and some see her as male, there are often BL illustration tags to the pictures.

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