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Hey Stop That

Hey Stop That (Tag name: おいやめろ, spelling as 'oi yamero' in Japanese) is a tag used to impede something.


A viewer who felt something by the illustration may add this tag.
Something can be one of these three:

  • a bad remembrance reanimated by the illustration;
  • a bad development implied by the illustration;
  • the illustration itself.

Compared to the other related tags, this one is mostly given to pictures that are hardly a laughing matter at all.

Given the high possibility of experiencing substantial unpleasantness, you must exercise caution while browsing the tag!


The quote was originated from most people's responses to a very controversial erotic manga one-shot drawn by Kawady Max. The content of said one-shot was so controversial that it led to most people responses it with 'Hey, stop that!' and 'Hey, stop that idiot!'.

An unknown person named Bronto-san had also used the similarly 'Hey, stop that you idiot. This thread is over, eh' to someone who tried to revive a dead thread on the forum.

3 Name: This name is already used Posted on: 03/06/20 13:05 JS9y3lOa
Hey, stop that you idiot
This thread is over, eh

As per Bronto-san's Analects:

Usage Examples

Trauma, RL


Death Flag, Downer Now(鬱展開)


To Who(誰得), Author is Sick Series(作者は病気シリーズ)


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