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Hibiya is the name of the boy who appears in "Kagerou Daze". His full name is Amamiya Hibiya.

"Should we go home for today?"

"Hey, Aun lady. The 'un' in Aun has the radical for 'cow' in it, so are you wearing it on your shirt because you're a cow?"

"I'll do it!"


NameAmamiya Hibiya (Hibiya)
Mekakushidan MemberNo.8
SongsKagerou Daze, Konoha no Sekai Jijou, Otsukimi Recital
PowerMe wo Korasu (目を凝らす)
BirthdayNovember 4
Blood TypeAB
Favorite VegetablePumpkin


SelfBoku (僕)
MomoOba-san, Momo


The protagonist of Kagerou Daze. His name was revealed on Jin's twitter prior to the novelization.

He was designed by Shidu. In the illustration used for Kagerou Daze he is drawn all in white, but he is shown in color in Konoha no Sekai Jijou. He has brown hair.

Character (Includes spoilers for the third novel)

An elementary schooler who lives in the country. He is head over heels for the town's most popular girl, Asahina Hiyori, and is a self-proclaimed super-Asahiner.

Due to his feelings and his love of cell phones, one day while fantasizing about being able to call Hiyori or exchange text messages with her, he drops his communication pass (with photos of Hiyori on it), and Hiyori picks it up and calls him the same night. Just when Hibiya thinks this is it for him, Hiyori--who has made a certain misunderstanding--says "I'll grant your wish, so come to the city with me over summer break to help carry my things" and (a bit forcefully) invites him on vacation with her. As an Asahiner, Hibiya is more than happy to agree. He convinces his strict parents to let him go by explaining that he is attending a lecture, and is able to depart for the city with Hiyori that summer break.

...But, once they have made it to the city, Hiyori works him like he's her own personal servant. Hibiya nearly gets trampled by the crowds, the department store they wanted to go to is closed because of a certain incident and they cannot go to buy cell phones, and finally when they go to Hiyori's late sister's house to stay the night, Konoha turns out to be staying there too, and Hiyori falls in love with him at first sight. It's one disaster after another.

And finally, Hiyori accidentally runs into the street after the light has changed while chasing a red-eyed cat, and when Hibiya tries to save her...

Afterwards, Hibiya joins the Mekakushidan in order to save Hiyori.

At first, Hibiya has trouble getting along with the other members because he's still reeling from the shock of Hiyori being taken away by "Kagerou Daze" and because of his own bratty demeanor, but while heading out with Momo he learns about what his powers can do and how to use them, and names his ability "Me wo Korasu (目を凝らす)". He had been about to give up, but newly resolved to bring Hiyori back, he screams "I'm gonna do it!" up at the faraway moon.

Incidentally, he is pretty popular in his own class, but his beloved Hiyori thinks he's an unimpressive little brat. According to Jin, Hibiya became one of his favorite characters while working on the third novel, and he decided to make Hibiya unpopular with Hiyori because he "wanted to betray the fans' expectations".

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