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Incredibly Cute (Tag name : なにこれかわいい, lit. What is this, that's cute) is a tag for things that are cute and irresistible.



This term is a derivative version of Incredibly Scary, which was first coined by users from 2ch.

It is slightly different from the word "cute", where it brings an unexpected feeling of fluffiness out from the viewers upon looking at the illustration of this category. This feeling may be non obvious at first. The below example may help demonstrate the difference between cute and incredibly cute.

  • Cute = Soft, fluffy, heartwarming. 
  • Incredibly Cute = W..What is this? That's....too cute oh my god HNNNNG

Hence the tag incredibly cute is commonly linked with this nuance in pixiv.

However, people also started to use this tag when they felt that the word "cute" alone does not fully express their opinion enough for an illustration.

While this tag is literally translated as What is this that's cute, directly from its Japanese counterpart, this tag is used to give a better understanding on its meaning and usage.

Also, please note that this tag is used as a ranking tag. Never use them to tag your own illustrations




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