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Itaru Hashida

Itaru Hashida is the main protagonist from the visual novel and anime series Steins;Gate. He is designed by huke

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Character History

Personality, and his role in the game

Itaru Hashida, nicknamed Daru, is Rintarou Okabe's friend since high school and is currently going to the same university as him. Daru is an experienced hacker and gadget maker, making various weird, unpractical gadgets with Okarin. His appearance represents the stereotypical obese otaku seen in the anime culture, wearing a spec. He is also a channer, integrating internet memes and terms in his everyday speech.

Self proclaimed "Super Hacker", he is proud of his own ability on hacking any website possible, and his skills do stay true with his proclamation, seen when he successfully hacks SERN's database with the help of IBN5100. He is also highly knowledgeable in technology related stuff, from hardware to software. Besides technology, he is also well-versed in things pertaining to Otaku culture, especially on moe. He is also a big fan of Faris Nyan Nyan, to the point of worshiping. Personality wise, he is a pervert who holds nothing back in saying things that could be taken as sexual harassment, and is proud of being a hentai gentlement. In addition to his speech behavior, he also collects erotic pictures regardless of 2D or 3D. He is also seen annoyed at Okarin with his frequent delusional behavior most of the time. Despite that, the both of them are good on terms and they both believed in each other when it comes to working together. Compared to most of the stereotypical otakus around, he has great communication skills and is actually reacts normally to people around.

Throughout the story, his role, while providing mostly comic relief, is also one of the key person to the whole story. His invention, the Phone Microwave (Temporally), is by far his greatest achievement, which lead to many events happening in the future. He is also noted to have a very close ties with Suzuha Amane, although it is not revealed until halfway into the story.

Difference Between Anime and the Visual Novel



BirthdayMay 19, 1991
Blood TypeA
InterestsSurfing @channel, Collecting R-18 pictures, Rainet Access Battlers
Self ReferenceBoku (僕)
Lab Member003
Favourite PhraseGeneral @channel phrases
NicknamesDaru, Super Hacker
LikesMoe, Faris Nyan Nyan, No Calorie Cola, Pizza
DislikesReal Life Fags, Sports
CVTomokazu Seki

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