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Jean Kirschtein

A character from Attack on Titan.


Age15 years old (He joined the 104th Trainees Squad at 12 years old)
BirthplaceTrost District, Southern Wall Rose
Voiced byKishou Taniyama

Jean is a soldier who also graduated from the 104th Trainees Squad, reaching the 6th rank. His hair is lightly colored with a touch of brown on the sides, with a nicely trimmed hair cut. His facial peculiarity is his thin eyes.

He is honest with himself, knowing that the harder he trains, the sooner he can enter the military police and live a life of luxury. Jean’s personality is very confrontational so he doesn’t get along with many.

With his realistic nature, he deduced that with every titan defeated, 30 humans will lose their lives, leading him to believe that humans can’t defeat the titans. This is why Jean knows that the only safe place to be is inside the inner walls, until the day humans lose to the titans.

Due to his way of thinking, Eren Jaeger often gets into fights with Jean since their opinions vary so much. Jean seems to adore Mikasa Ackerman, so he’s jealous of Eren’s good relationship with Mikasa. When Jean complimented Mikasa on her beautiful, long hair, he was soon upset when he found how easily Mikasa had listened to Eren’s advice about her hair potentially getting caught in the 3D Maneuver Gear and cut it all off. Connie Springer so happened to pass Jean after this had happened and Jean promptly wiped his hand (that shook Eren’s hand earlier) on Connie, to express how he had lost faith in everything.

Jean seems to be very knowledgeable in using the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear with his skills and abilities in the top of his class. However, it isn’t enough as he seems to lack in the hand-to-hand combat department, almost to the point where he couldn’t make it into the top 10, a requirement to joining the Military Police. After a certain tiff with Eren, Jean became much more serious in his training.

Jean has an ability to figure out exactly how a situation is going. Even though he may declare a safest place away from the titans, on the other hand, he knows that it’s unavoidable to battle the titans. He’s quite jealous of not only Eren’s closeness to Mikasa, but also the fact that Eren seems to know exactly what he wants to do, even though he may not know the way to do it.

Jean’s friend Marco, said that Jean had a potential to be a natural leader since Jean was able to understand how weak people feel and could act accordingly. After the death of Marco, Jean felt a strong desire to do more, abandon his selfish ways, and join the Scouting Legion instead.

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