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Julio Raguel

Julio Raguel is a character appearing in the game "Gungnir".


Age15 → 17
First-Person PronounBoku (僕)
WeaponGungnir, Swords


The protagonist of the story, a Leonica boy and the chosen of the demon lance Gungnir. A member of the rebel army Esperanza. He has participated in terrorist activities from a young age, and first committed murder at the age of ten. Apparently, he first learned of human warmth by being spattered with blood.

He admires his adopted brother Ragnus, is babied by his sister Fiona, and aspires to be a man like his deceased father Ricard, whom he has never met. Also, because he resembles Ricard in appearance, he seems to be feeling pressure from those who expect great things of Ricard's blood-related son.

Ordinarily he has a bright and cheerful personality and cares deeply for his friends and relatives, but because he's perfectly fine with killing innocent Gargandian citizens and doesn't have much sense of morality, he is criticized by Alyssa and the two of them butt heads sometimes.

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In the English localization, Atlus USA chose to change the spelling of his name to "Giulio".

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