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Kagamine Len (Tag name: 鏡音レン) is the second product released for the VOCALOID series on December 27, 2007. It is packaged together with Kagamine Rin, and also the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series developed by Crypton Future Media Ltd. (CFM).


Kagamine Len (and Rin) is created with the intention by Crypton Future Media project a Vocaloid with low-teen girl's voice at first following Miku Hatsune. However, due to the demand for a boy's voice, so Crypton Future Media hired the seiyū Asami Shimoda (下田 麻美 Shimoda Asami), a voice actress who can produce both sounds. Kagamine Rin was the first voicebank developed and introduced to the Vocaloid consumer market on November 8th 2007 and later included two voicebanks: one for Rin and another for Len, both provided by Kagamine Len was unveiled later after Kagamine Rin on December 3rd 2007.

At the time of recording in 2007, their names had not yet been decided. Their given names of Rin and Len were said to be based on "right" and "left" according to Asami Shimoda.


The first version of Kagamine Len and Rin was received poorly due to the inability to sing properly and Crypton Future Media soon apologized for their mistakes for trying to release the product in a rush in suite of Hatsune Miku's success. Crypton Future Media soon rectified the mistake by releasing the ACT 2 version which improved their voicebanks.

The Database was resuffled around to allow the voicebank libraries to handle the samples better and Crypton Future Media worked heavily to improve the vocals. Act2 was as an independent installation, coexisting with the initial software. During the Kagamine Act2 production, Crypton Future Media also took the time to change the End User agreement on their CV series to make it easier to understand.

Users who bought the old version were able to get the expansion disc for

English version

Crypton Future Media is considering an English version of the software.

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Kagamine Len is considered one of the famous VOCALOIDs after Miku, often seen paired with Rin in most illustrations. With high pitch vocals and cute stature, he is often seen drawn in a feminine way (or sometimes, drawn crossdressing as a girl).


Favorite GenreDance & Rock, Enka, Pop

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