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Kara no Kyoukai

Kara no Kyoukai -the Garden of Sinners- (Tag Name : 空の境界) is a Japanese novel authored by Kinoko Nasu and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi. Also known as "Rakkyo" by the fans.


Kara no Kyoukai was first penned as a debut work of Kinoko Nasu and Takeshi Takeuchi. The series originated in October 1998 as a series of five chapters released online on Nasu and Takeuchi's doujin website, Takebōki (竹箒). The final two chapters were released at Comiket 56 in August 1999.

After Nasu and Takeuchi formed Type-Moon, a portion of Kara no Kyoukai was featured in 2001 Tsukihime fandisk, Tsukihime PLUS-DISC. Kara no Kyoukai then gained significant popularity, leading it to be released as a doujinshi publication at Comiket 61 on December 2001.

On September 2002, Kara no Kyoukai then received a drama CD treatment, and the novel was released on August 6, 2004 as a commercial publication by Kodansha. The publication enjoyed immense popularity, with 5000 limited edition copies sold out almost immediately upon release and more than 500,000 copies sold out for both editions. The popularity of the novel eventually reached the west and the series was released by Del Rey Manga. This was confirmed in the first volume of Del Rey's Faust release.

The series was then adapted into anime movies, divided into 7 chapters - running from December 1, 2007 till August 8, 2009. An American premiere of the movie's 5th chapter was held on May 22, 2009 at the Anime Boston convention.

The official Japanese website had announced that the series will be released on Blu-ray with a new chapter in both English and Japanese subtitles with a retail price of 52,500 yen (about US$620). A DVD of the said chapter was released on February 2, 2011. Aniplex of America released the imported Blu-ray box set on February 8, 2011. The box was immediately sold out and has not been reissued since.


Shiki Ryougi is a beautiful but cold, unsociable girl. She possess the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, a supernatural ability that allows the user to see the inherent mortality of everything, even the concept of it (living, and non-living). Due to that, she was raised as a demon hunter with two distinct personalities, which is one of the specialities found in the Ryougi family.

However, Mikiya Kokutou, the main protagonist of the series becomes intrigued by the mysterious series of violent deaths occurring in his town and also Shiki Ryougi, which he then realized that Shiki is connected to the mysterious deaths...


Shiki Ryougi (両儀式 Ryougi Shiki)
CV : Tomoko Kawakami (drama CD), Maaya Sakamoto (movies)

Mikiya Kokutou (黒桐幹也 Kokutou Mikiya)
CV: Kentarō Itou (drama CD), Kenichi Suzumura (movies)

Azaka Kokutou (黒桐鮮花 Kokutou Azaka)
CV: Yukari Tamura (drama CD), Ayumi Fujimura (movies)

Touko Aozaki (蒼崎橙子 Aozaki Touko)
CV: Kikuko Inoue (drama CD), Takako Honda (movies)

Kirie Fujou (巫条霧絵 Fujou Kirie)
CV: Rie Tanaka (movies), Miki Itou (Drama CD)

Daisuke Akimi (秋巳大輔 Akimi Daisuke)
Voiced by: Hiroki Touchi (movies), Yuji Ueda (Drama CD)

Fujino Asagami (浅上藤乃 Asagami Fujino)
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (movies only)

Tomoe Enjou (臙条巴 Enjou Tomoe)
Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara (movies only)

Kaede Enjou (臙条楓 Enjou Kaede)
Voiced by: Miki Itou (movies only)

Souren Araya (荒耶宗蓮 Araya Souren)
Voiced by: Jouji Nakata (drama CD and movies)

Cornelius Alba (コルネリウス=アルバ Korunerius Aruba)
Voiced by: Kouji Yusa (movies only)

Satsuki Kurogiri (玄霧皐月 Kurogiri Satsuki)
Voiced by: Ryoutarou Okiayu (movies only)

Misaya Ouji (黄路美沙夜 Ouji Misaya)
Voiced by: Nana Mizuki (movies only)

Lio Shirazumi (白純里緒 Shirazumi Rio)
Voiced by: Souichiro Hoshi (movies only)

Shizune Seo (瀬尾静音 Seo Shizune)
Voiced by: Yuka Iguchi

Meruka Kuramitsu (倉密メルカ Kuramitsu Meruka)

Mana Ryougi (両儀未那 Ryougi Mana)


Novel Chapters

ChaptersChapter Name (Japanese)Chapter Name (English)
Chapter 1俯瞰風景 Fukan Fuukei - ThanatosOverlooking View
Chapter 2殺人考察(前) Satsujin Kōsatsu (Zen)…and nothing heartA Study in Murder (Part 1)
Chapter 3痛覚残留 Tsuukaku Zanryuu - ever cry, never lifeRemaining Sense of Pain
Chapter 4伽藍の洞 Garan no Dou - garan-no-douThe Hollow Shrine
Intermission境界式 Kyoukai Shiki?
Chapter 5矛盾螺旋 Mujun Rasen Paradox Paradigm Paradox Spiral
Chapter 6忘却録音 Boukyaku Rokuon - Fairy Tale Oblivion Recorder
Intermission境界式 Kyoukai Shiki?
Chapter 7殺人考察(後)Satsujin Kousatsu (Go)…not nothing heartA Study in Murder (Part 2)
-空の境界 Kara no KyoukaiBoundary of Emptiness
-未来福音 Mirai Fukuin - recalled out summerGospel in the Future

Animated films

Premiere DateMovie Name (Japanese)Movie Name (English)
December 1, 2007俯瞰風景 Fukan Fuukei - ThanatosOverlooking View
December 29, 2007殺人考察(前) Satsujin Kōsatsu (Zen)…and nothing heartA Study in Murder (Part 1)
January 26, 2008痛覚残留 Tsuukaku Zanryuu - ever cry, never lifeRemaining Sense of Pain
May 24, 2008伽藍の洞 Garan no Dou - garan-no-douThe Hollow Shrine
August 16, 2008矛盾螺旋 Mujun Rasen Paradox Paradigm Paradox Spiral
December 20, 2008忘却録音 Boukyaku Rokuon - Fairy Tale Oblivion Recorder
August 8, 2009 殺人考察(後)Satsujin Kousatsu (Go)…not nothing heartA Study in Murder (Part 2)

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