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Kouchu Misako

Kouchu Misako (コウチュKouchu) is the main character of the Crystal Jewels series, who always dreamed into becoming a Master Champion of The League brawler.


Plot Overview
Original Series
****Season 1****
File:1514854744868-1889269304.jpg|thumb|left|Kouchu in season 1.Kouchu starts his journey in Justpip Town, believing himself as a crystal bralwer. Kouchu went out and professor Shari gave kouchu the Roaracryst. Their first battle was with Sakuro, who stole all the Crystal Monsters from the lab and they are returned and stopped the Furious Five. Kouchu meet new friends like Shauna and now Sakuro. While on his journey, he met Marcy, which is now a crystal brawler who made all the brawlers' Crystal Monsters faints. Then, he met people like Gerido, who is in charge of the tower in Pure Village. He battle Sakuro's brother and he earns his first gym badges, then Sakuro was impressed at Kouchu's battles, so they became friends. Kouchu has a lot to learn to become a Crystal Brawler. Kouchu encountered obstacles of the Furious Five's steps, and of course, Marcy, in his journey. He met Dustin Withness, who lost in the gym, and after he heals, he trains Kouchu for his second gym badge. After Kouchu got his gym badge, He was stuck in the middle of the Furious Five hideout. He challenges for the third gym, which have lost, and trains again. This time, he won the gym. Kouchu then advanced his adventure for his fourth badge.File:Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_6.13.54_PM.png|thumb|Kouchu caugh his Crystal Monster

****Season 2****
On the Second season, Kouchu continues his journey, for the other 4 badges, and his Ninecoat evolves into a Tencoat for saving Kouchu from falling from the cliff in GrandCan Mountains after defeating Gerodon. Before he competes in the league, he was bored, so he did several things, Kouchu's mom ordered him to buy her the fethers, and Kouchu catches some Crystal Monsters during the training of the league. After three days of training, Kouchu then enters the league and competes in the league later in the season. First, in the first round, he defeated Kinney, and then in the second round, he defeated Ralph, and for the third, he beats Wally, and is ready for the fourth. After he beat the rest of the Crystal Brawlers, his final opponent is Marcy, and cheats by using her Marukas and using fake weapons, but that doesn't effect some of Kouchu's Crystal Monster. Marcy then won against Kouchu, and she have to face the last champion. But she lost to that champion. After the league, Kouchu gave up being a Crystal Brawler, but Roaracryst cheers him up, so Kouchu continues his adventure.

****Season 3****
Third season began and Kouchu was sent a message to get to the Jarbon Islands, and was drowned in the boat thanks to the hole in th boat, Kouchu and Shauna and Sakuro uses water types to surf to Jarbon Islands. When the crew arrives there, Kouchu explores the File:Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_9.38.44_AM.png|thumb|left|Kouchu riding Tencoat in Season 3islands, which to battle trainers and their battle bases, and Kouchu meets Professor Shari and her daughter, Samantha Shari, and Kouchu and Samantha battled. Kouchu learned that Samantha is a part of the Jarbon Island League. Kouchu then met Marcy there, and encounters Furious Five as well. Kouchu then got his first badge at the Yaroki Gym. Kouchu has to defeat White Cave in four locations, and has to find the Silver Key. After recieving the Silver Key, Kouchu then beats the second gym leader for the second elm. Kouchu then encounters a Laxmore and was able to catch it.

****Season 4****
In Season 4, After getting Laxmore, Kouchu continues his journey in the Jarbon Islands, and gets his third gym badge. Kouchu then was sank in the Recore Island, and defeated the Eyes of the Circumstances. Kouchu and his friends found themselfs back to the Jarbon Islands, and recieved his last badge. Before going to Decolore Islands, Kouchu learns how to surf, climb, and swim without using Crystal Monsters. Then, he went to Decolore Islands for the league, beating up trainers in the row, then, defeated the Jarbon champion, Jacob. Kouchu then earns Laxmore's obeyance and went to the Farko region.

****Season 5****
File:Screen_Shot_2017-04-07_at_8.20.30_AM.png|thumb|left|Kouchu in Season 5Season 5 began as Kouchu and his friends made his way to Farko, and calls Shari, but she didn't answer the call. Kouchu was thinking if she was lost. Then, Marcy appeared again and they battled. After losing to Marcy again, Kouchu, Shauna and Sakuro, went to the adventure to explore the Farko region. Kouchu encounters a Mooselette again, and it is able to catch it. Compare the trials Kouchu uses in his young age and now, the  
day he caught it was better than before, with his Crystal Monster. Kouchu won with his new badge with his Mooselette, although they work together, Kouchu catches new Crystal Monsters such as Droponout and Flameme.Using the new Farko Crystal Monster he got, he challenges for the second gym badge. Then he met the Furious Five, and they build the Fivebot to steal Roaracryst, although their new invention, and Marcy built a Marukabot to defeat Kouchu with, but Kouchu, along with his friends, stop the robots from making trouble. Kouchu earns his third badge later in the series.

****Season 6****
In the sixth season, Kouchu continues his journey in Farko, with his new caught Crystal Monsters, and together, without a doubt, he File:Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_6.11.08_PM.png|thumb|Kouchu in Season 6.earned a fourth badge. Then, he met Dustin and was able to battle him. On his way for the next gym badge, Tyman, the cool Crystal Brawler, who is shown to look like the best. After they met, Kouchu was able to get the fifth badge from Guro, the Ice type Crystal Brawler. Kouchu and his friends then went in the sail on the Farko Island, and then, they got caught up in the whirlpool. After they fell off the boat, They use their water type Crystal Monsters to swim to the island. When they got to the island, they got sent to the hotel in Regor City, which they can rest up during night. Kouchu can't travle from place to Regor, but he could fly his Tencoat in the air to Regor City, and Shauna and Sakuro can ride, too.

****Season 7****
In season 7, Kouchu and his friends made it to the islands, and Kouchu won his sixth badge for the league in Tyron City. Kouchu, Shauna, and Sakuro then encounters the Furious Five, and Marcy, of course on their adventure, and with Marukas and their robots, the crew team up to stop them from making trouble in the Farko region. Before the next badge, Kouchu met Shari since she was gone (it took her days to get to Farko), and Professor Shari lets Kouchu know that his Crystal Monsters from Jarbon is in the storage. Now Kouchu can use Jarbon Crystal Monsters. Kouchu gets his seventh badge from Hideoa in the Yaki Gym in Yaki City. Kouchu now have one more badge to get to the league. He and the crew went back to the Farko region after via\siting the island.

****Season 8****
File:1515073560864-1724693869.jpg|thumb|left|Kouchu in Season 8.Season 8 begans and Kouchu got the last badge from the gym and he's ready to face the league. Kouchu trains for the league and was busy studying types, levels, and strategy also for the league. Kouchu and his friends found out that the Furious Five are back in the Farko region, and Marcy, too. Marcy is gonna compete in the league, but she lost thanks to the sneaky Laxmore, it breaks her invention by eating the cords. After two days, Kouchu went to the Farko Plateu and competes in the Farko league. He lost 1 match and got Top 16. Kouchu then went on the boat with his friends to Orbon. But the boat was sanking due to the unknown move. The boat was saved by Whooshfish, and the boat got on shore.

Brawler's Quest
****Season 9****
During season 9, One year later, Kouchu and his File:1514854876542380613389.jpg|thumb|Kouchu in Season 9friends went on the Orbon region, and met a new trainer named Emma. She is unable to start her journey by his dad saying she's a young girl. While Emma's crying, Kouchu told her dad about what being a Crystal Brawler is. Her dad was happy for Emma. When she stopped crying, She is able to start her journey with Kouchu and his friends. With Emma along, Kouchu earns the first badge, then encounters the Furious Five agian, and Marcy and Marukas, Emma helps Kouchu make the most of it by her crystal monsters doing the tricks. Kouchu won his second badge after defeating Rickyson for destroying the orbs.

****Season 10****
Season 10 began and Kouchu earned his third badge from thre Freka Gym. Kouchu then encounters the Plazma Five, and he and his friends dress up in a Plazma Five disguise. As he stop Plazma Five, Kouchu met the real Plazma Five, and they were able to trust them. Once their outfits looks crooked because of the earthquake, Kouchu revealed his true identity, and his friends too. Plazma Five realized that they are Crystal Brawlers, and they were defeated. After the Plazma Five problem, Kouchu earned his fourth gym badge in Sariken City. Kouchu then realized Marcy appeared in the Orbon region to have a vacation villa there, but to earn badges instead.

****Season 11****
In Season 11, Kouchu and his friends continued their journey and collected the fifth badge, and Kouchu met Tyson at the Crystal Station, and they have battled. Kouchu knew Tyson was tougher than he thought. After Tyson left, the journey continues. Kouchu and her friends found out that Marcy was a babysitter and was making fun of Crystal Monsters, hurting them, stealing her food (Marukas did it, too), but the employer was angry at Marcy and she is fired. Anyway, Kouchu earned his sixth badge because he won the swiming race of the Tiza, and earned the trophy of leadership and courage. Kouchu, Shauna, Sakuro, and Emma found themselfs in the cave of origin and they were captured by the H.E.R (Hostage End Revenge) but the robot called the Kouchubot and defeated H.E.R.
****Season 12****
Season 12, Kouchu recieved the seventh badge and went to the aquarium to stop the Plazma Five from hiring Crystal Monsters. After getting the final badge for the league Kouchu trains for the league. Kouchu went in the Orbon Conference and competes in the Orbon league. He lost 1 match of the league, which turns out to be Darkon. Kouchu was about to sail to Oregon Region.
Next Quest
****Season 13****
In Season 13, two years later, Kouchu got to the Oregon Region and come to meet up with his friends there. In their adventure in the Oregon region, they met up with Noah and Sarah, the two siblings of the Tuntwink Town Noah and Sarah's Crystal Monster was captured by the Furious Five, and Kouchu saves them, and Noah and Sarah joined him on his journey. He caught some crystal monsters in this region, which his first one is Talap, and most of the time, it walks out of the crystal ball and travels with Kouchu. With Talaap, Kouchu won his first badge in the Rodyring Gym. Kouchu met the Galaxy Five, who kidnapped the legendary Crystal Monster, which Kouchu needs to save. After rescuing the monster, Kouchu won his second badge in the Oregon region.
****Season 14****
In season 14, Kouchu continues his journey and earns the third badge to get to the league. Marcy decided to trust the Furious Five and became a tool for the Furious Five. Instead of becoming a regular Crystal Brawler, she became a villian brawler to make crystal monsters faint. The Galaxy Five uses their plans to stop Kouchu and his File:Kouchu_summer.png|thumb|left|Kouchu, Season 15friends from sneaking in their territory. Later, Kouchu found out Marcy was a tool used for the Five. Kouchu then won the fourth badge after learning that Marcy is a part of the Furious Five. Marcy became a part of the Furious Five to get rid of Kouchu and his friends, and wishs to defeat everyone except for herself.
****Season 15****
Season 15 began as Kouchu continues his journey for the fifth badge, and went to Heart of Wishes. Parcc was captured to die, and Kouchu and the crew saves it, first they unlock the web, and saves Parcc from the death of hallows. Team Galaxy keeps hold of Kouchu to kill the stone. Kouchu breaks out of the cell and stops them. Kouchu then won the sixth badge and was able to go compete in the Crystal Jewels Sumer Camp. In the Crystal Jewels Summer Camp, Kouchu and crew then was access to attend to sports and competitions. After the camp ends, Kouchu and crew continues their journey.

****Season 16****
In Season 16, Kouchu continues for the seventh badge and the Plazma Five fight against the Galaxy Five for who will kidnap the President. Kouchu then rescued the President and defeat the Plazma and Galaxy Five<span>. After getting the final badge, Kouchu went to train for the league. After 4 days of training, he went to Oregon Continental</span> and went to the league. After he defeats everyone, there's one more to beat. He was close to winning, but loses to Alan, and got to Top 4. He met Dan, and was able to travel with him to Dandfordon, too.

Mental Consions
****Season 17****
Season 17, two years later, Kouchu was still in Jarbon changing his hair style and wore his new clothes. Kochu then went to the airport with the crew. Kouchu and the crew was coming to the Dandfordon Region and was ready for more badges. He then met Steven, a 9-year old Crystal Brawler. Steven joins Kouchu because he was impressed by how careful Kouchu was to his weak Crystal File:Screen_Shot_2017-04-07_at_8.04.29_AM.png|thumb|left|Kouchu (Season 17)Monster. Kouchu catches more Crystal Monsters <span>which first caught Exxagorious</span>, and Kouchu earned his first gym badge in the Dandfordon region. Marcy appears in Dandfordon, so does the Furious Five, and powers up their robot, but Steven's crystal monster broke it, just like Emma did seasons ago. Kouchu earns his second badge for the league.

****Season 18****
Season 18, Kouchu continued his journey and got the third badge from the gym. Kouchu then defeated the Bridge Brawlers and and he met Dan, which travels to Dandfordon with him. They battled and they left, wishing each other to see them again. After that, Kouchu went for the fourth badge, then, visits the Master Tower. Kouchu saves all the gods from the evil god, and the Master Champion God earned his trust for saving his god and gave him a Master Champion of the League Bracelet, but he said he can't use it yet.

****Season 19****
In season 19, Kouchu earned the fifth badge and he have to stop Plaza and Guriza from destroying the Tiroku Tower. However, Kouchu got on hold because Guriza was using him for his plans. Tencoat saves Kouchu from Guriza and defeated them, along with Plaza. Tencoat now earns Kouchu's respect. Kouchu earned the sixth badge from the Ten Gym. Kouchu then met Marcy and he found out that she caught about 1,000 Marukas because she would let them help her to defeat Kouchu and the world, with the Maruka Army. Kouchu and his friends defeated the Maruka Army, and his first victory against Marcy, won't let his guard down because the Maruka will be out of luck in no time.

****Season 20****
In the 20th season, Kouchu got the seventh badge and met Professor Shari's daughter from several seasons ago. Kouchu and Samantha Shari went to the cave of thunder to explore fossils. But when Roaracryst accidently shock the fossil, Cavoniour stole Samantha, Kouchu went to rescue Samantha and defeat the Cavoniour. After Samantha left, Kouchu earned his final badge, and went to the league. He loses to Daniel, Top 8, so he was about to go to Daro region. Before he does, Kouchu waves goodbye to Dan. Kouchu went back to Justpip Town before he goes to Daro.

Souls of Legends
****Season 21****
In Season 21, Kouchu and his friends went to the Daro region and befriended Daisy, his rival-friend, and told him she was a part of the Daro league. Kouchu went with his friends for his first badge in Trevor City. Then, he was given a File:Screen_Shot_2017-04-26_at_4.49.34_PM.png|thumb|left|Kouchu in Season 21CrystalRist, a Ring that can glow in caves. After that, he earned his second badge. Kouchu then got to Shari's lab and he was given a New CrystalDex. He heard the conversation of two people talking about Parcc returning to the Crystal World. Kouchu then continues his journey in Daro region, with Shauna, Sakuro, Emma, Noah, Sarah, and Steven.

****Season 22****
In season 22, Kouchu went to get the third badge from the leader. After that, Kouchu met again with Marcy, and was shocked that she caught over 5,000 Marukas to help her to win over Kouchu. Kouchu and his friends defeated the Maruka army and saves the world from the Marukas. The Furious Five uses their robot to steal more Crystal Monsters. Kouchu steps up to save the day with his new Crystal Monsters. Kouchu earned his fourth badge in Yamasha Gym.

****Season 23****
In season 23, Kouchu went for the fifth badge and went to the Shinkal Tower. He defeated the Shinkal Masters and recieved the hearts stone, which he can enter the "Tower of Life" Tourament. After that, Marcy was a part of the Tower of Life Tourament. With thousand of her Marukas, she would end Kouchu like last time, but Kouchu won't let that happen. Kouchu earned his sixth badge from the Recii Gym.

****Season 24****
Season 24 began as Kouchu got his seventh badge, and went to the aqaarium to stop the Furious Five from sucking all the water. Kouchu gots the eight badge and went in the league. Kouchu defeated the league, but loses against Watashi, which is Top 16. Kouchu lost his soul in the Devil Jin power File:Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_6.12.46_PM.png|thumband suck it in Koukuro bot, then, when it was destroyed, Kouchu's soul returned. Kouchu then competes in the Tower of Life to get to Natalie. All the stones are collected and Kouchu is ready for Natalie.

Garnet and Turquoise
****Season 25****
Season 25 began as Kouchu and his friends are sailing to Natalie, but in the middle of the problem in the arc of getting to Natalie. Finally they got to Natalie, they met a brawler Akura, and Kouchu caught his first Crystal Monster:Noroth, and he met Aroku and his sister, Asuna, which Kouchu is known to be best friends to. Kouchu was given a flying badge, then, went to the tower because Kouchu lost in the Ghost Gym. After File:Kouchu_Joins.png|thumb|left|Kouchu and crewcatching a ghost, he is able to beat the gym and earned the Ghost badge. After getting third badge, Marcy decided to create little minions called the "Chetta Girls" to do bad stuff in order for the Marukas to suceed. Then later in the series, Kouchu met siblings Alan and Mahuna. Kouchu went in the Shuriken Gym and lost to Bella thanks to Marcy's trick, Bella trusts her. Marcy sends the Cheeta Girls to sink Kouchu and crew in water. Then Kouchu told Bella Marcy was wrong and she lied. Bella was able to trust Kouchu. So Bella rescued Kouchu and his friends and rematched, which this time, Kouchu won the fourth badge. Kouchu won his fifth badge, and went to the Natalie Hotel to rest. Kouchu was busy few episodes of the Garnet arc, while Garnet saves Turquoise. When Garnet's team was lost and Garnet alone, Kouchu helps Garnet along with Tykon and Wally, together, to save Turquoise. After that, Garnet changed from his war life into human life. Kouchu then met Ichigo, and after saving her, he promised to date her one day.

****Season 26****
In Season 26,Kouchu continues his journey, with the sixth badge, and his Noroth evolved into a Trinoth. Over the seventh badge, the barber George, Marcy, his crew and Roaracryst, called him Bigfoot, and told him no "Bigfoots" are allowed in the gym. So Kouchu wore his disguise. But Kouchu showed his true identity and battled George and won his sixth badge. Kouchu was once trapped with File:Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_9.31.38_AM.png|thumb|Kouchu and his red counterparthis crew in the IXL world, where he has to defeat endless enemies until then they've escape. Kouchu earned the last 2 badges and went in the league. He lost 1 round. Kouchu got a call from Asuna that Marcy was transforming a monster. Kouchu defeated the monster that Marcy created and defeated her. Although that was Kouchu's third win over Marcy, Maruka can't handle his Roaracryst. Kouchu was told he needs 16 more badges to get to the Natalie Championships. Kouchu and his crew sailed to the Furika Natalie to earn his ninth badge.

Kouchu then earned his tenth badge and the Devil, created by the Cheeta Girls were destroying the city. Kouchu and his friends team up, with all their Crystal Monstersto defeat the devil and the cheeta girls, and the Marukas. Kouchu earned his eleventh badge at Rutter City Gym. Before his twelveth badge, Kouchu met his evil counterpart, Red Kouchu and he found out that he kidnaps his friends. Kouchu was able to defeat Red Kouchu and rescues his friends, and shares his first kiss with Ichigo. Kouchu went to earn the twelve badge at the XYZ Gym.

****Season 27****
In the 27th season, Kouchu met his Crystal Monsters that was with Professor Shari, and plays with them. They teamed up to defeat HER because they drowned the Natalie Fury. Kouchu refix the Natalie Fury and was given a Sphere Gold. Kouchu then enrolls in the CrystalTech Class of Enfication (CTCE for short), which trainers can have their powers communicated with Crystal Monsters. Kouchu then learn what was to communicate with Crystal Monsters and learning a Natalian Language. However, the Natalian Language doesn't help with it's communication, but with Kouchu's new powers with his Crystal Monsters form a Rottobigin, a strongest than their normal forms and Kouchu and Rottobigin combine their powers to make a new symbol.

Learning six techniques, Renu, Genushu, Jaruko, Harika, Ketchu, and Dechachu, Kouchu understands and was able to defeat Devil Jin Jr. Kouchu then countinues his adventures in the Natalie Region.

His life is going nowhere until he meets Ichigo for a date. Kouchu takes an instant liking to Ichigo and the nice and sweet ways she learnt during her years in the city. However, when a monster tries to hit Kouchu, Ichigo springs to the rescue. Kouchu begins to notices that Ichigo is actually rather lovely at heart. But, the pressures of Ichigo's job as a doctor leave her blind to Kouchu's affections and Kouchu takes up traveling to try an distract herself. Finally, when disrespectful brawler, Marcy Kimensho, threatens to come between them, Ichigo has to act fast. But will they ever find the sensational love that they deserve?

After Marcy was sent to jail, Kouchu saves Ichigo, and then, for the sake of time, Ichigo kisses Kouchu. Kouchu earns the thirteenth badge in the Noron Gym. When Kouchu earns his fourtheenth badge at the gym, when he goes to Professor Shari's Lab, all his Crystal Monsters from the storage, make him a suprise for seeing them again. When Marcy sucks up the past, Kouchu and his Crystal Monsters saves the day by defeating Marcy and saving the past. Trinoth soons evolved into a Meganoth thanks to the battle with Marcy.

Kouchu earns his fifthteen badge at Earon Gym, and soon earned his sixth badge. After several days of training, Kouchu went to the league. He lost to John in a runner-up finals, and decided to go to Oron Natalie. Kouchu got his seventeenth badge then an eightteenth badge at Groundon Gym. After Kouchu earns his nineteenth badge, Marcy was about to destroy the world. Everyone including Kouchu stops Marcy. With his 20th badge, Kouchu continued his journey.

After Kouchu earns 4 badges, he beats the league, now he defeated Champion Jaru.

****Season 28:Garnet, Turquoise, and Amethyst****
In the 28th season, Kouchu and his friends  were on their way to Orb Island. They discovered Amethystim, and defeated the monster and saves the world. They say goodbye to Asuka, Tetsu, Alica, File:IMG_20180102_072435.jpg|thumb|Kouchu and Ichigo's kissAsuma, Aroku, and Turquoise because Asuka is going to Farko to enter the league champs and Alica and Tetsu is going to get married in the Oregon region, and Asuna is going to Farko, and Alan and Mahuna went to pick a starter Crystal Monsters. Kouchu went back to Justpip Town to spend time with his family and friends before he goes to the Moona region. His mother received the package from Professor Shari for Kouchu, stating that Professor Shari is curious.

Moon Blade
****Season 29****
Now a matured adult, Kouchu turns 20 and went to Moona region with his friends. One of Professor Shari's professor companion, Professor Chuck took her place and work on research for Crystal Monsters. Kouchu went to explore the Moona region.

Extra Plot
****Movie 28****
Kouchu starts his journey in Justpip Town, believing himself as a crystal bralwer. Kouchu went out and professor Shari gave kouchu the Roaracryst. Their first battle was with Sakuro, who stole all the Crystal Monsters from the lab and they are returned and stopped the Furious Five. Kouchu meet new friends like Shauna, which he stole her CD, and now Sakuro. While on his journey, he met Marcy, which is now a crystal brawler who made all the brawlers' Crystal Monsters faints. Kouchu is on his way for Marc, achieving the "Shield of Knowledge", until at the cave, Marcy smashes it, and the shield turned into Thucymous. Kouchu and his crew battles Thucymous and its Thuzombies. Before Shari got sucked in the Silver Ball, she told Kouchu to press the button on Thucymous.Kouchu tries to get his shield back, until he got caught in the Silver Ball, which perishes people. Kouchu revived and dreamed of Marc again. Marc gave Kouchu and crew their

Crystal Monsters

In Rotation:

Roaracryst ♂

In Storage:
Birding→Birdono ♂
Sluder→Slugeoth ♂
Gumi-Gunnicob-Gunnifree ♂
Kubat-Kubattor ♀
Eggor-Eggnine ♂
Fishkarn (20x) ♂-
Mooselette ♂
Flameme-Flameract ♂
Droponout ♂
Duggine ♂
Slamshog ♂
Hitmonchog ♂
Dragiar ♂
Icelerg ♀
Rockmarious-Rocking ♂
Whooshrag ♂
Kickaurus ♂
Taplaap ♂
Googoat ♂
Tantine ♂
Rilous ♂
Bugzappine ♂
Exxagorius ♂
Flyrius-Flymite ♂
Flamite ♂
Noroth-Trinoth-Meganoth "Truck" ♂
Ninecoat→Tencoat ♂
Plantmore ♂
Ghostun→Gagusius ♀
Laxmore ♂
Birdorous ♂

Merged Together

Rottobigin ♂

With Someone Else:

Abricaus ♀
Fishelloud ♂





**** Jarbon Badges ****
File:Kouchu Jarbon-1.jpg|thumb|220x220px|Kouchu's Jarbon Medals

  • Rock Badge (Original Series)
  • Thunder Badge(Original Series)
  • Whirl Badge(Original Series)
  • Dark Badge(Original Series)
  • Incide Badge(Original Series)
  • Incrous Badge(Original Series)
  • Unicycle Badge(Original Series)
  • YaYa Badge(Original Series)

**** Farko Badges ****
File:Kouchu_Farko.jpg|thumb|220x220px|Kouchu's Farko Medals
  • Uncy Badge (Beyonds series)
  • Fire Badge(Beyonds series)
  • Grass Badge(Beyonds series)
  • Water Grass(Beyonds series)
  • Ice Badge(Beyonds series)
  • Dragon Badge(Beyonds series)
  • Lois Badge(Beyonds series)
  • Yan Badge(Beyonds series)

**** Orbon Badge ****
File:1514854073015-1741557026.jpg|thumb|229x220px|Kouchu's Orbon Medals
  • Advent Badge (Brawler's Quest)
  • Rioullus Badge(Brawler's Quest)
  • Kick Badge(Brawler's Quest)
  • Drack Badge(Brawler's Quest)
  • Wind Badge(Brawler's Quest)
  • Help Badge(Brawler's Quest)
  • Urious Badge(Brawler's Quest)
  • Roaracryst Badge(Brawler's Quest)

**** Oregon Badge ****
File:1514854226041477377518.jpg|thumb|220px|Kouchu's Oregon Medals
  • Dargon Badge(Next Quest)
  • Eroch Badge(Next Quest)
  • Jarco Badge(Next Quest)
  • Gentel Badge(Next Quest)
  • Yanzel Badge(Next Quest)
  • Yuer Badge(Next Quest)
  • Svartar Badge(Next Quest)
  • Rocker Badge(Next Quest)

**** Dandfordon Badge ****
File:15148543170911253856455.jpg|thumb|220px|Kouchu's Dandfordon Medals
  • Genger Badge(Mental Consions)
  • Rockus Badge(Mental Consions)
  • Fossil Badge(Mental Consions)
  • Tyrous Badge(Mental Consions)
  • Uncy Badge(Mental Consions)
  • Abricus Badge(Mental Consions)
  • Genser Badge(Mental Consions)
  • Uncycle Badge(Mental Consions)

**** Daro Badge ****
File:15148543722472067976928.jpg|thumb|220px|Kouchu's Dark Medals
  • Tartar Badge(Souls of Legends)
  • Yatzen Badge(Souls of Legends)
  • A Badge(Souls of Legends)
  • B Bage(Souls of Legends)
  • Red Badge(Souls of Legends)
  • Blue Badge(Souls of Legends)
  • X Badge(Souls of Legends)
  • Y Badge(Souls of Legends)

***** Stages of Life *****
File:1514854455649-1481739687.jpg|thumb|230px|All Stone of Life coins
  • Life of Fighting
  • Life of Trust
  • Life of Kind
  • Life of Teaming
  • Life of Life
  • Life of Love

**** Natalie Badges ****
File:15148545720141919069910.jpg|thumb|220px|Kouchu's first set of the Natalie Medals
  • Flying Badges(Garnet and Turquoise)
  • Ghost Badge(Garnet and Turquoise)
  • Fight Badge(Garnet and Turquoise)
  • Shuriken Badge(Garnet and Turquoise)
  • Icer Badge(Garnet and Turquoise)
  • Water Badge(Garnet and Turquoise)
  • Grassy Badge(Garnet and Turquoise)
  • Jank Badge(Garnet and Turquoise)

***** Season 26-27/Amethyst(Orb Islands) *****
  • Hacker Badge
  • Kental Badge
  • Rasher Badge
  • Dyer Badge
  • Hard Badge
  • Dino Badge
  • Sun Badge
  • Moon Badge

Other Achievements

**** League Status ****
  • '''Jarbon League:'''Loses to Marcy Kimensho, Runner-Up
  • '''Farko League:'''Loses to Kennel, Top 16
  • '''Orbon League:'''Loses to Darkon, Top 8
  • '''Oregon Region:'''Loses to Alan, Top 4
  • '''Dandfordon Region:'''Loses to Daniel, Top 8
  • '''Daro Region:'''Loses to Watashi, Top 16
  • '''Natalie Region:'''Loses to Harubi, Runner Up
  • '''Fubaki Region''': Loses to John, Runner-Up

**** Contests ****
  • '''Crystal Jewels Race:'''Champion
    • '''Crystal Jewels Climing Race:'''Runner-Up
    • '''Crystal Jewels Swiming Race:'''2nd Place
    • '''Crystal Jewels Flying Race:'''Champion
    • '''Crystal Jewels Snow Sleding Race:'''Runner Up
    '''Crystal Jewels Test:'''Failed, got 40%
  • '''Crystal Jewels Water-Fishing Contest:'''Runner-Up
  • '''Crystal Jewels Contests'''
    • '''Crystal Jewels Costume Contest:'''Top 30
    • '''Crystal Jewels Lake of the Alas:'''Top 16
    • '''Crystal Jewels Attack Defense:'''Runner-Up

  • '''Soccer Tourament:'''Top 32
  • '''Tennis Tourament:'''Top 23
    • '''2nd Tennis Touraments:'''Top 30
    • '''3rd Tennis Tourament:'''Top 29
    • '''4th Tennis Tourament:'''Top 16

  • '''Badmition Tourament:'''Top 15
    • '''2nd Badmition Tournament:'''Runner Up
    Basketball Tournament: Top 40
  • Swimming Deluxe: Runner Up
  • Climbing Deluxe: Top 35
  • Battle 100 Brawler Contest: Champion
    • Battle 200 Brawler Contest:ChaPlace
    • Battle 300 Brawler Contest:Champion

  • Basketball Contest:2nd Place
  • Trading Card Game:Winner
  • Spooky Contest : 2nd Place

  • Egg Contest:6th place

  • Surfer's Edge
    • 2nd Surfer Edge - 2nd Place

  • Crystal League Orb Island Tournament:Top Runner-Up

○○ means ~ .


Work Appearances

Crystal Jewels
Crystal Jewels:Thunderai Legends
Crystal Jewels:Three Powers
Crystal Jewels:Silver Legends
Crystal Jewels:Empire Tower
Crystal Jewels:Three Stones
Crystal Jewels:2000
Crystal Jewels:Adventures in the Sky
Crystal Jewels:Night of Trouble
Crystal Jewels:Shuriken and the Jewels
Crystal Jewels:Rage of the Mountains
Crystal Jewels:Rangers
Crystal Jewels:Time
Crystal Jewels:Space
Crystal Jewels:Gravity of Legends
Crystal Jewels:Parcc
Crystal Jewels:Crystal Jewels: Dark- Gerna vs. Lighuous
Crystal Jewels:Crystal Jewels: Ligrk- Gerna vs. Lighuous
Crystal Jewels:Tymanous and Tower
Crystal Jewels:Next Generation 2013
Crystal Jewels:Seas of Legends
Crystal Jewels:President of the Future
Crystal Jewels:Trip to Travent
Crystal Jewels:Battle Hiration
Crystal Jewels:Medtower Chaos
Crystal Jewels:Jerk on Tower
Crystal Jewels:Destruction of the Orb
Crystal Jewels:25th the movie
Crystal Jewels

Character Image

Other Information

Seiyuu/Character Voice (CV)

English voice actor (s)

Kate Ukona (season 1-4)
Shauna Jones (season 5-9)
Lily Jameson (season 9-12)
Emma George (season 13)
John Silver (season 14-16)
Dan Natajin (season 17-19)
Max Bayman (season 20-26)
Steven Gray (season 26-present)

Japanese voice actor (s)

Rebi Ushaki (season 1-4)
Aka Noashaka (season 5-9)
Shonen Noko (season 9-12)
Oro Nota (season 13-15)
Gorudon Rokui (season 16-27) Satoshi Yatamono (season 27-present)


April 04, 1984 (04/04/84)

Alternative names/Disambiguations

Bigfoot, Diplomat, Kou, Couch Guy, nasty, sneaky, snake, Blue Hair boy

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