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Krista Lenz

A character that appears in “Attack on Titan”.

"Don't die, Ymir!"
Don't die in such a place!!
Don’t act like a good person!! ''


^ Height 145cm
^ Weight 42kg
^ Age 15 (Joined 104th Training Corps at 12 years old)
^ Birthplace Unknown
^ Birthday January 15
^ CV Shiori Mikami
^ Character Popularity Poll First Poll: No. 5, Second Poll: No. 14

A young girl with long blonde hair and large blue eyes. The feature is that she has her hair parted down the middle in the front.
She is very kind and she is the smallest soldier from the 104th Training Corps, but she showed her power and graduated as the 10th best soldier within the 104th Training Corps.
She usually took care of the others. She helped the people who were not feeling well, and shared the food with others, and the friendly and devoted behavior was remarkable.
Some people called her as “Angel” or “Goddess” due to her appearance. Also, she was noted for being very cute. According to the author, she is the most popular girl among girls of the 104th trainees, and many of the boys in her class adore her. By the way, the most popular boy is Reiner, but even Reiner has a fondness for Krista.

But her attitude of the devotion seems to make Ymir unhappy, and she regarded it as a hypocrite behavior that "she is trying to do good things." Eren also noticed that her smile is not her real feeling, so he did not try to get touch with Krista.
She is accused like that by Ymir, but Ymir is still her best friend and, and they often act together.

Her strength is lower than ordinary people, but she is good at horse riding. She is very clever, but it seems that she is not good at brain wars.
Originally, she did not have the ability to graduate within the top 10, and at the moment she heard the ranking, she could not hide the confusion and said, "I should not be the 10th" and "I do not know what has been evaluated". Actually, Ymir was supposed to be graduated in a higher rank, but she defeated other competitors and changed the order to make sure Krista can rank into the top 10 and join the Military Police Regiment, Krista was vaguely aware of that.


Her true identity is direct kin of a family that has the right to publicly talk about “a secret”.
But she is not a legal daughter (legitimate) but a child of his father’s mistress.
“Three years ago, I was regarded as an obstacle involved in the succession struggle of the family, so I joined the corps as the only way to survive,” said by the related people of the Order of the Walls.
But the fact is a slightly different, darker and more miserable, and it is exposed (spoilers in link destination) in Episode 52.
The name "Krista Lenz" is an alias given to her when she was expelled.
In 10th volume, her real name (spoilers in link destination) was revealed.

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