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Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise is the main heroine and one of the main characters from the visual novel and anime series Steins;Gate.

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Character History

Personality, and her role in the game/anime

Kurisu is a neuroscience researcher, as well as a university student in the fictional Victoral Condoria University in America. Having her research published in an academic journal at age 18, Kurisu is extremely talented and is considered a genius for her standards.

She initially return to Japan to meet her father, which she haven't been meeting him since years ago. During her return she encountered Rintarou Okabe (Okarin) in Akihabara where she was invited to have an open seminar about time travel, and ended up joining as a lab member of Future Gadget Laboratory, a circle established by Okarin.

Though on the exterior she is perceived as a cool and collected female, while being overly logic to a fault at the same time, she has a strong curiosity level and actually loves performing experiments. This is shown when she spent most of her time dedicating herself into analyzing and modifying the specs of Phone Microwave soon after she joined as a member. She is also easily provoked, giving in to Okarin and Daru's provocation and sexual harassment jokes all the time, which in return prompting Okarin to create various nicknames for her.

Though trying to keep it a secret, she is also a frequent visitor of the fictional BBS website @channel (equivalent to our real world counterpart, 2ch or 4chan), and would sometimes (accidentally) use meme terms when making a witty response on Okarin or Daru's antics. While online, she goes by the nickname "Kurigohan to Kame Hame Ha", and always end up bickering with Okarin online without realizing that Okarin is also a frequent visitor of @channel, going by the alias "Hououin Kyouma".

As time passes by, the relationship between the two improved, and Okarin's dedication to help improving the relationship between herself and her father helped boosting Kurisu's impression on Okarin.

In the story, she is considered to be the most important character of all. Due to her importance, it is advised not to look at any detailed information about her other than this entry in order to enjoy the main story without being spoiled too much.

Difference Between Anime And The Visual Novel

Episode 5

While this is not shown in the game, Kurisu is shown to be a decent play at Rainet Access Battlers, where she easily defeats Okarin, while at the same time giving him advice on his flaws.

Other Appearances

Aside from the main game and its sequel, She also appears as a guest character for the fighting game "Phantom Breaker", developed by 5pb.


BirthdayJuly 25, 1992
3 SizesB79:W56:H83
Blood TypeA
Lab Member004
HobbiesExperiment, Surfing @channel
Self ReferenceWatashi (私)
Favourite PhrasesAny @channel memes
NicknamesChristina, Assistant, Celeb 7, The Zombie, Kurisu-chan, Makise-shi
LikesSF Novels、Ramen
DislikesIdiots, Using chopsticks, Cockroach
CVAsami Imai

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