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A character from Attack on Titan. He is also known as "Rivaille" in some translations.


Voiced by:Hiroshi Kamiya
The Scouting Legion’s Lance Corporal. He is 160cm tall and weighs 65kg.

Levi has been praised as Mankind’s strongest soldier.
His build is quite small but his war potential is so great that he defeated 2 titans in one instance, defeated a female titan that had the ability to continually harden her skin, and is said to be more powerful than Mikasa Ackerman.

Underneath his uniform, he wears a white scarf around his neck in the shape of a cravat, appearing like a noble or aristocrat even though he previously was an famous underground racketeer. He is under Irvin Smith, who may have fill details of how he joined the Scouting Legion.

Levi’s personality is cold and unsociable, his bluntness coming off quite rude to those who encounter him. His speech still shows his previous life of underground crime. He’s quite a neat-freak, even as going as far as wiping the titan blood off his face right after he kills one.

On the other hand, he didn’t mind being covered in blood from holding a dying comrade’s hands, vowing that he would kill all of the titans.

In the Trost incident, located in the southern part of Wall Rose, Levi helped Eren and the others, stating that he would start observing Eren closely, even though he meant instead that they should protect Eren at all costs. Eren was soon dragged into Levi’s unit after the incident.

He is currently trying to search for Eren who has been kidnapped by a female titan.

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