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Lyuri is a character appearing in the game "Riviera: The Promised Land".


One of the heroines, the Sprite of Fortune.

A Haine girl who lives with Fia. She's a cheerful treasure hunter as well as a troublemaker. Despite her unusually childish personality, she's older than Fia (according to Lyuri herself). Uses a bow in battle. Flatty.

Mysteriously, she's the protagonist of a lot of the audio dramas. "Self-Intro Corner", "One Afternoon, One Moment", "Treasure Hunter Lyuri! ~Treasure that Fell from the Sky~", "Tempting, Suspicious Banana Danish"... see, isn't that a lot?

"Tempting, Suspicious Banana Danish" explains how she and Fia met. In "Riviera Private School", she is a health representative.

Her voice actress is Hiromi Konno, and while she usually speaks in the third person, when introducing herself her first-person pronoun is "Boku" (ボク).


  • In English versions of the game, her name is changed to "Lina". It has nothing to do with the story; it is thought to be because native English-speakers might have trouble pronouncing the name "Lyuri" correctly.

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