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Madoka☆Magica 1000 Users Bookmark

One of the ranking tags in pixiv.

Madoka☆Magica 1000 Users Bookmark (in Japanese, まどか☆マギカ1000users入り Madoka Magica sen yuuzaasu iri) is a tag where illustrations that are related to the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica recieves at least 1000 bookmarks, or more from the users are looking for illustrations of this series. This tag is highly famous since 2010, and currently surpassed both K-On and Angel Beats in terms of the amount of illustrations that entered the ranking.

Seldomly, there are some illustrators out there who attach this tag themselves to attract viewers for attention (since you are not supposed to do it yourself, the viewers will do it for you). Hence abusing this tag might cause your image to go down. So please refrain yourself from doing so.

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