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Malice Ructor

Malice Ructor is a character appearing in the game "Riviera: The Promised Land".


A Grim Angel girl. She moves separately from Ecthel and Ledah. Her full name is "Malice Ructor". Her Diviner is the ice axe "Toolus", but...?

As with Ledah, she does not appear very much in the audio dramas, but she is the protagonist of "Malice, Parting Ways with Her Past" and in "Riviera Private School" she is a Student Council member.

Her voice actress is Mariko Suzuki, and her first-person pronoun is "Atashi" (あたし).

CAUTION: Spoilers are included beyond this point!


She believes that she sacrificed her future to receive her Diviner and serve Hector, but the truth is that she is a test subject in Hector's experiments to create his own Grim Angels.

Malice herself has the same black wings and ashen skin (leucism) as a real Grim Angel, but in terms of power, she is noticeably not the genuine article.

She is the culprit of the Rosalina incident. After failing three times to hold Ecthel off, she is killed by Hector, taking one of the heroines with her.

The reason she volunteered herself into Hector's experiments is explained in "Malice, Parting Ways with Her Past".

Her ID is "No. 1132".


  • In the original draft of Riviera, Malice and Ledah were siblings.
  • All three experimental Grim Angels (Malice, No. 367, and No. 549) have hairstyles that cover one eye.

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