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Marietta is a recurring character in the Dept. Heaven series.


AgeAbout 20(?)
First-Person PronounWatashi (私)
Primary CardRevellion

She is portrayed by the voice actress Mariko Suzuki.


An angel who appears in most Dept. Heaven games. Called "Nudist-sama" by fans. She is essentially known as "Archangel" or "Marietta". In Riviera she was called "Archangel", but in Yggdra Union that was her class name and her name was revealed as "Marietta". For that reason, different people will tag pictures of her and call her one or the other.

But because "Archangel" is a name that overlaps with other characters, it's probably easier to search for her under "Marietta".

Her appearance is pretty famous. Her actual power level varies in each game.

Marietta in "Riviera"

Appears under the name "Archangel". The boss of Chapter 4. On the first playthrough, players may often find her too powerful to be able to put much of a dent in her. She essentially attacks with electric-type moves, and herself voids electricity. The "Revellion" attack that she pulls out when her Rage Rate reaches MAX hurts a lot. Strategically, it's best to deploy Lyuri, who is strong against electricity.

If you earn an S rank at the end of the battle, she drops the "Holy Staff Ancardia". It can either use a powerful attack or restore the party's health completely. However, it only has one use.

Marietta in "Yggdra Union".

Appears in BF48. You can clear the game without defeating her, but you must fight her to progress to certain endings. Her class is "Archangel", her weapon is a staff, and she is at level 75. She is impervious to status effects, and all offensive Skills don't work on her. Her Morale functions as her HP, and without exploiting a certain special condition it is impossible to defeat her. Her "Revellion" Skill is an instant-death attack, unlike in Riviera. She uses this attack immediately upon her Rage Rate reaching MAX without incantation time.

She drops the "Angel Halo" when defeated. In the GBA version and the PSP version's Normal Mode, this is useless, but...

Marietta in "Knights in the Nightmare"


Because this story explains just what happened with her in between "Yggdra Union" and "Riviera", she is one of the main characters. In Maria's route she only appears in the Before Crisis scenes and a certain ending, but in Mellia's route she is a recurring enemy character.

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