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Mega Evolution (Pokemon)

Mega Evolution (tag:メガシンカ)is a mechanic introduced in generation 6th Pokémon games.


Unlike regular evolution, Mega Evolution is the temporary tranformation of a Pokémon. It is said it is the strong bond that allows a Pokémon to Mega Evolves.

A Pokémon's evolution usually stops at the final evolution and cannot be evolves anymore. However, Mega Evolution is the evolution that 'exceeds the limit of the regular evolution'. Mega Evolved Pokémon is usually powerful than before Mega Evolve.

Because of aforementioned reasons, Japanese version of Pokémon games list the word 'Shinka (シンカ)' in katakana instead of kanji ('進化').

Its relation with Primal Reversion is unknown.


  • Not all Pokémon are capable of Mega Evolve, and most Pokémon that are capable of this are final evolution Pokémon.
  • Unlike regular Evolution, Mega Evolution can be only happens in battle, and once the battle is over the Pokémon will revert to normal. Until the battle is over, a Mega Evolved Pokémon cannot revert to normal.
  • Mega Evolution will changes said Pokémon's appearance, stats, ability and type. Only the move sets are unaffected.
    • However, some of the Pokémon's Mega Evolved state's stats are weaker than in normal state.
    • Mega Evolution will add 100 more to the Pokémon's base stats.
    • Since movement order is determined before any moves are used, the Pokémon's new Speed or Ability will not affect movement order on the turn during which it Mega Evolves.
  • As with Forme Change, It doesn't change Pokémon's name on the screen in the game.
    • Since the Mega Evolve Pokémon is the same Pokémon before Mega Evolved, It doesn't add to the Pokédex as separate entry. Instead, it was added as one of the forms of that Pokémon in the Pokédex.
  • Only one Pokémon can Mega evolved once in each battle once per battle.
    • Even if a trainer has 2 Pokémon in a battle that are capable of Mega Evolve, the other Pokémon cannot Mega Evolve even after the Mega Evolved Pokémon fainted in the battle.
    • A fainted Mega Evolved Pokémon will revert to normal state if revived, and will stay as it until the battle is over.
  • In order the Mega Evolve, a Pokémon must be holding a Mega Stone and its trainer must have a Mega Ring (Mega Bracelet in case of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) with has the Key Stone in it. It also require the strong bond between trainer and his/her Pokémon.
    • In video game series, the strong bond part is just a setting as only maximum Friendship is required.
    • In the anime series (Pokémon X and Y) however, without the strong bond will causes the Pokémon to berserk as it was being overwhelmed by the power of Mega Evolution. This happened to Korrina's Lucario twice in the anime.
    • Since Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion are different, both can be utilizes at the same time once per battle.
  • Each Pokémon has its own unique Mega Stones, such as Lucarionite for Lucario, Blazikenite for Blaziken etc. (with the exception of Rayquaza, who can Mega Evolve without a Mega Stone)
  • Some Mega stones can be obtains in the game by searching around.
  • Some Pokémon has 2 Mega Stones that are version exclusive. (The Mega Stones can be traded to and uses in other version of the game)
  • As a Mega Evolved Pokémon was holding a Mega Stone, it cannot hold any items.

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