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An original character often seen in amputee (R-18G) illustrations.

Created by MikeySK
Name : Mi-Ke (ミケ)
Age : 20 years old, though her appearance varies.
Height :130/175cm

  • Main form : Innocent and submissive, wearing her heart on her sleeve. Outgoing when given the chance but tends to get dragged into situations she has little control over.
  • Grown-up form : Appears calm and confident but is really just empty-headed. She still retains her innocent side, drooling over desserts while maintaining her cold stare.
Eyes color : Amber.
Hair color : Dark blue with aqua blue highlight.

The amber hairband is her signature accessory but can be removed for some hairstyles. She has two forms: Main (loli-like) and Grown-up (buxom-proportioned). Her stature and state of limbs can change based on the artist's demands. The glasses are optional for her Main form but her Grown-up form is near-sighted and needs them.

P.S. Mi-Ke does not have a canonical backstory. It's easier to fit her into any setting or situation artists feel like that way, like having the two versions of her interact. In a mundane setting, she would not be a daruma girl (quadruple amputee) by default. She's just frequently drawn that way.

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