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Mikasa Ackerman

A character from Attack on Titan.

"Eren... as long as you're here, I can do anything."


Age15 years old (Was 10 years old during her first appearance, joined the 104th Trainees Squad at 12 years old)
BirthplaceUnknown (Eventually moved to Shiganshina District)
Voiced byYui Ishikawa

The heroine of Attack on Titan.
Mikasa is a taciturn, beautiful girl with a motherly appearance.
Mikasa and her mother are the last of an oriental race, with Mikasa being biracial since her father was a Westerner. Her mother had young Mikasa undergo a scarring ritual to put their oriental clan’s mark on her right wrist, as proof of Mikasa’s inheritance of the clan. The anime version of Mikasa is a glossy black-haired, wet-lipped, full-lashed beautiful girl.

Before Mikasa joined the Scouting Legion, she had long hair but cut it off to heed Eren’s advice about long hair catching onto the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear being dangerous. Mikasa is normally very quiet, but to counter the depressing times, she has started speaking even though she’s not articulate.

With an extremely calm composure, Mikasa’s facial expressions rarely change. It seems that prior to meeting Eren, she was a very ordinary child that smiled like any other...

After the incident that happened when Mikasa was 9 years old (will be mentioned later), her life started to revolve around only Eren.
With a mission to always be by Eren’s side and to protect him, Mikasa sometimes breaks her calm composure when Eren gets into danger.
When she thought that Eren had died, she had fought her hardest thinking about him, so much that Levi asked her to “keep herself in check.”
It’s unknown whether Mikasa has romantic or platonic feelings toward Eren, but during an interview with the director, “She likes him quite a bit” but also said “just family” in regards to the animation.


When Mikasa was 9 years old, kidnappers had murdered her parents and planned to sell her off. Eren came along and saved her, killing off two of the 3 kidnappers. He was unable to defeat the last one, and urging Mikasa on, she defeated the last kidnapper. By age 10, the both of them had quite a bit of experience and had killed quite a few. From this point on, Mikasa had felt that the world was a cruel place.


From that point on, she was taken in by the Jaegers of Shiganshina District and started her life with her new family. With the piece she lost of herself, she was given a new family along with a newfound attachment to Eren, who gave her a scarf that she still wears and treasures to this day.

Mikasa Ackerman ミカサ・アッカーマン


During the year 845, 10 year old Mikasa was faced with the appearance of the Colossal Titan and the invasion of Titans attacking the Shiganshina District, breaching Wall Maria. With Eren and the rest, she was forced to work on a farm to improve their difficult circumstance.

After Eren had joined the 104th Trainees Squad, for the sake of protecting him, Mikasa also did her best and joined at age 12, eventually becoming the top rank.

Mikasa had graduated at 15 and joined the Scouting Legion so she could keep Eren safe.


Due to the terrible experience of the kidnapping incident, Mikasa tried to always keep herself in control and has a special ability to call upon that composure whenever necessary. Even during the first time she was deployed and all the fighters were killed around her, she still understood how to use the 3D Maneuver Gear effectively and was able to utilize eccentric speed and efficiency, becoming a one-man army. After she graduated with the top rank, it was said that she was a military genius, “worth a hundred ordinary soldiers.”
Mikasa is so strong that there are often jokes in fan work about her abdominal muscles.

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