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Moeka Kiryuu

Moeka Kiryuu is a principal character from the visual novel and anime series Steins;Gate. She is designed by huke.

Moeka Kiryuu is a principal character from the visual novel and anime series Steins;Gate. She is designed by huke.

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Character History

Personality, and her role in the game/anime

Moeka is a freelancer and also a part time editor working in "Arc Rewrite" who wanders around Akihabara in search for the IBN 5100. She lives in a very down to earth, rented 4½ Tatami room. Personality wise, she is quiet, reserved, has difficulties interacting with people, and is seen to be expressionless most of the time without actually reacting towards anyone or anything, except for certain situations. Her messages however show a different form of her personality and is able to send messages at an extremely fast rate to the point of spamming.

She first appeared as a woman looking for the near legendary retro PC, IBN5100, and coincidentally took a picture of Rintarou Okabe (Okarin), and thus both of them had been exchanging information about the PC since then. Soon, after knowing that IBN5100 was found by Okarin, she tried to lift the retro PC away from the lab without permission, which shows Moeka lacking decency and manners.

Moeka is also the oldest among all the girl characters, as well as being the tallest and also the bustiest. However, she is never shown to interact with anyone properly, and her maturity has yet to be proportionate with her age. However, she is shown to be close to a certain, unknown individual name FB, who she looked up upon as a mother figure, and put her entire faith and trust on the said figure. Due to that, she is very protective of her handphone and will show any sign of resistance if a phone is taken away from her.

Due to a certain event happened halfway into the story, she is by far the most hated character among the main casts, and she is the only character to not have a specific ending as her ending is pre-determined. However due to her sexy outlook, it won't be surprising to see her fans exist as well.

Although her ending is pre-determined in the main story, the drama CDγ "Ankoku Jigen no Hyde" will provide a concrete conclusion to the character.

Difference Between Anime And The Visual Novel

Episode 2

Moeka was almost silent during the whole time trying to converse with Okarin, and conveyed her message most of the time through phone mails in the visual novel. However, in the anime, she is seen talking to Okarin right from the start, and showed some resistance when Okarin tried to snatch her phone away.


BirthdayJune 6, 1990
3 SizesB88:W59:H88
Blood TypeB
Lab Member005
HobbiesTyping messages on phone
Self ReferenceWatashi (私)
Favourite Phrases"......."
NicknamesShining Finger, Moeka-san, Moeka, M4
LikesHandphone mail, Kebab
DislikesDirect Communication
CVSaori Gotou

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