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Natalia Raymond

Natalia Raymond is a character appearing in the game "Gungnir".


Age21 → 23
First-Person PronounWatashi (私)
Primary WeaponRapiers, swords


A genius fencer who has served as Alyssa's bodyguard from age 14. She is Robertus' adopted daughter. She plans a revolution in rebellion against the Zaird faction.

She has a stoic and extremely serious personality, and has sworn absolute loyalty to Alyssa. She prioritizes the entire country's precarious situation over the plight of the Leonica, but her feelings towards the Leonica slowly change as she fights alongside Julio.

According to the official settings documents, she...

  • ...is an incurable sweet-tooth, and cannot even drink tea without adding 3 spoonfuls of sugar (but apparently prefers 5 spoonfuls)
  • ...is so bad with liquor that she will pass out after having one drink

...but this is not reflected in-game.

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